Tenebris Realm

Tenebris Realm is a discord roleplaying community that focuses on advanced roleplaying styles. The roleplay is completely unique to the server which actively engages with players. We have a welcoming staff and player base.

The server does have some basic rule guidelines that you should know before entering:

  • The server is 18+ only
  • We require RP samples as well as minimum post responses unless otherwise stated
  • The RP sample can be from any RP you've participated in before
  • Tenebris Realm follows Seasonal roleplay storytelling

Tenebris Realm is a world like no other. Based off of no current intellectual property, Tenebris Realm has been crafted through the hearts and minds of the owner, gamemasters, and players. Attempting to summarize the world and setting of Tenebris Realm is difficult. There are many factors, genre influences, as well as unique ideas that make Tenebris Realm a special and exalted roleplay server. 

The overarching theme of Tenebris Realm is the concept of post-apocalyptic fantasy. The world of Esterin, which is the name of the planet that all characters, roleplay, and lore takes place on, is a world thrown into twilight and darkness. Approximately 200 years ago, the Old Ones appeared in the world, through divine intervention or some type of other infernal means, and threw the prosperous planet into chaos, death, and despair. The action of adventurers, gods, and ordinary folk managed to stave off complete annihilation of their planet but at a high, terrible price. Esterin was plunged into Darkness, the Aspect of the Sun shattered and broken, while the planet was covered in other worldly, alien clouds. (You can read more about this timeline of events on the World History page.)

Other subgenres, such as magical fantasy, science fantasy, horror, adventure, and romance play significant parts in the overall setting of Tenebris Realm. Tenebris Realm uses a unique flavor of technology called Manatek. Manatek goes beyond normal physical weaponry and employs raw magic (termed mana) as both a power source for weapons, transportation, and everyday technology. Non-manatek technology is limited to the equivalent of the 1920’s, while manatek and other special equipment go beyond that range.


In addition to these themes, we offer 67 playable species and subspecies in our unique character creation process. About half of these species are typical species one would expect in a fantasy server, while the other half have been crafted and built solely for use in Tenebris Realm!  In addition to the extensive character creation process, we have a living, breathing fabric of world history and culture. Unique religions and organizations, such as the Da Gang, Embers of Surna, Branded, and Brimguard (to name a few) add conflict and intrigue to the world. In addition to the extensive world culture and history, we have put together unique beasts, diseases, monsters, and drugs. 

Your character will progress through different experiences. We use a mixture of active and passive roleplay, with freeform as well as structured, dice-based instances. Be it standard one on one roleplay with another player character, participating in server-wide events, Gamemaster led quests, or player bounties! As we employ a seasonal system, there is never a fear of missing out of roleplay or story events! Every season the staff team will hold weekly active roleplay sessions, as well as engage in personal passive roleplays. (Check out our season summaries in the sidebar!)

The lore of Tenebris Realm is both vast and deep. We hold seasonal quality of life updates for the server to incorporate player content as the story of Esterin unfolds.Your character will grow with the story, shape the narrative, and uncover wonders through roleplay!


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We require discord accounts to be at least five minutes old before accessing the server as an anti-raid measure.

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