We're so happy you found us! 

Tenebris Realm is a discord roleplaying community that focuses on advanced roleplaying styles. The roleplay is completely unique to the server which actively engages with players. We have a welcoming staff and player base. 

The server does have some basic rule guidelines that you should know before entering:

The server is 18+ only
➲ We require RP samples as well as minimum post responses unless otherwise stated
➲ The RP sample can be from any RP you've participated in before
➲ Tenebris Realm follows Seasonal roleplay storytelling

Interested in joining?

We can't wait to meet you!

If you haven't already, click on this link to access our discord server:


Please note we do require discord accounts to be at least five minutes old before accessing the server as an anti-raid measure. If you are new to discord make your self a cup of tea then come join!