Tenebris Realm

Tenebris Realm is an 18+ Discord-based literate roleplaying community. Set in the dark fantasy world of Esterin, the plot revolves around the children of the Twilight War salvaging the past to fight back against the forces of Darkness. Ongoing plots are player-driven, allowing you not just to explore the world of Esterin, but to help shape it.

  • Seasonal Storytelling
  • Free-form and Structured Roleplay
  • Custom d20 System
  • Friendly Staff and Players

Tenebris Realm has been lovingly crafted over the years by the hearts and minds of the owner, gamemasters, and players, creating an experience like no other. An entirely original concept, drawing from genres such as High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Adventure, and Romance, summarizing the entirety of Tenebris Realm is no small feat.

Tenebris Realm, at its core, is a Post-apocalyptic Dark Fantasy. The world of Esterin--the planet that all characters, roleplay, and lore takes place on--is a war-tattered world plunged into eternal night. Approximately 200 years ago, creatures known as the Old Ones suddenly appeared, throwing the prosperous planet into chaos, death, and despair. The combined sacrifice of Gods, heroes, adventurers, and commonfolk barely managed to stave off Esterin's utter annihilation, albeit at a terrible price. The Aspect of the Sun was shattered and broken, as the sky became blanketed in a writhing otherworldly mass.

Recovering from the brink of destruction, the people of Esterin have managed to salvage scraps of civilization, in hopes of one day fighting back against the Darkness. Raw Magic (mana) has been harnessed as the primary power source for most post-Twilight inventions, in addition to conventional industrial technology analogous to the (real-world) 1920s.

Four years later, the Heroes of Esterin restored balance to the world. The Aspect of the Sun returned, and the Beast of the Deep was defeated. However with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; the God of Madness and Nightmares ascended and an interdimensional gate now hangs precariously open. There are so many questions left, so many evils that need righting, and so many devious schemes to be brought to light.


Tenebris Realm is home to over 60 playable species, many of which are entirely unique to the setting. A diverse selection of religions and organizations, such as the Da Gang, Embers of Surna, Branded, and Greyguard add conflict and intrigue to the world, which spans over 15 distinct cities and points of interest.

We offer a mixture of free-form and structured roleplay to suit your tastes. Dice-based mechanics are built upon a custom d20 system and made to appeal to both newcomers and roleplay veterans alike. Be it standard one-on-one roleplay, server-wide events, or player-led bounties, events, and quests, you're sure to find an activity to suit your preferences and availability. As we employ a seasonal system, there is almost always a chance to become a part of key story events!

We regularly incorporate quality of life improvements based on player content and feedback as the story of Esterin unfolds. Your character will grow along with and help shape the narrative, and uncover the many wonders hidden deep within our vast lore.



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