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    Black Cat

    TYPE: Drug

    INGREDIENTS: “Black mana”, a substance made from a perversion of mana in the drowned city -- though only a handful of people know this (mostly magistrates and city officials). Only through fluke did a couple of adventurers happen upon it and seize what they could -- and only with the aid of an alchemist did they create a marketable substance. Other ingredients: Trade secret.

    CHARACTERISTICS AND EFFECTS: An initial thrill of senses and surge of mana create a high that many find dark or ‘evil’. There is definitely something not right about this drug; perhaps one of the reasons it feels so good. Initial reactions are a numb tongue, some tingling to extremities, and a haze of gold or minor hallucinations. Overdose/extended use may lead to numbness of extremities, black/gold vision or blindness, more intense hallucinations, and mana poisoning. This drug is incredibly rare (for now) with only 1 known source for its primary ingredient, after which the drug is named. Dispensed as a drought in a little glass vial.

    RARITY: Moderately popular

    CREATED BY: Reiko

    Black Rat

    TYPE: Beverage / Consumable

    CRAFTED BY: Falion D'erenian

    INGREDIENTS: A floral infusion of Black Tea, Spiced Rums and various essential essences and flavors. Best served cold over ice.

    CHARACTERISTICS AND EFFECTS: A copycat of Black Cat. A unique concoction brewed by Verdisol's own Falion D'erenian; the libation provides drinkers with a boost of energy combined with a slight lingering intoxication that lowers inhibitions and excites the senses.

    RARITY: Very common

    CREATED BY: Nautilus

    Blue Blood

    TYPE: Drug

    INGREDIENTS: Crystalline Coral and some typical additives.

    CHARACTERISTICS AND EFFECTS: "Blue Blood" is a moniker given to an unpopular opioid. The drug can be given through injection, inhaling, digesting, or any other means that runs the contents through the user's nervous system. Blue Blood elevates the user's happiness and causes drowsiness, hallucinations, pain relief, and hunger satiation. Negative side-effects include: loss of appetite, mild nausea, constipation, discoloration of the skin, nerve damage, depressive tendencies, manic withdrawal symptoms.

    RARITY: Common to Rare

    Dranur Paste

    TYPE: Drug

    INGREDIENTS: Crafted from the stalagmite in Dranur.

    CHARACTERISTICS AND EFFECTS: A silver-gray paste that can be eaten or smoked. Extreme hallucinogen and relaxant. Highly addictive.

    RARITY: Common



    TYPE: Drug

    INGREDIENTS: Harvested bugs and a saccoid fungi

    CHARACTERISTICS AND EFFECTS: Harvesting is dangerous but cheap. Anyone could do it, but not anyone would. You just need to know a guy who knows a guy in order to obtain the drug. Glow is mostly found at festivals, clubs, and party scenes. It's possible to find some by attending these and asking around, but risky. Harvested from Aascoyrin Saccoidis. Glow causes euphoria and peace with the world as well as heightened senses. Sight becomes vivid and colors are more vibrant. Sounds can be felt on a spiritual and emotional level. Bonds can seem stronger than they really are. The drug makes a user feel nothing but positivity. Glowing eyes, usually just a flash but can last an extended period of time in rare cases. Negative side effects include: brain damage, psychosis, addiction, and even death.

    RARITY: Dependent on supply and demand. At times a dealer might be trying to push the product if the insects are breeding at a faster rate than they can sell and over infestations have devastating effects. When this happens the prices are dirt cheap.


    TYPE: Drug

    INGREDIENTS: Lace is a mix of herbs rolled together into a joint.

    CHARACTERISTICS AND EFFECTS: It’s commonly called Lace because of the unnatural way the smoke emits from the tip. While most smoke will rise and disperse, Lace will droop and stay together for up to about two feet depending on potency. It has a very calming effect on the user, often making problems feel like less and people feel at peace.

    Pixie Dust


    TYPE: Powder Drug

    INGREDIENTS: Actual ingredients are unknown to the public, and while rumors abound that ground up Fey wings are used in its creation, it’s clear that some sort of aphrodisiac is involved.

    CHARACTERISTICS AND EFFECTS: Pixie Dust is known to cause the taker to experience mild hallucinations, while increasing their sexual desire. The effects are known to last for a few hours at a time, while the come down off the high often causes the user to feel empty and hollow and more needy in their interactions, which of course, causes more abuse. Consumed by inhaling it through the nose, Pixie Dust is sold in small, black, opaque vials. Pixie Dust is known as a party drug, although getting your hands can be difficult, unless you know the right people. Marketed at a more expensive price than a typical paste, the drug is often seen as one used by Esterin’s more elite, should they choose to imbibe.

    CREATED BY: Kyleiria, Cake


    TYPE: Elixir

    INGREDIENTS: Unknown

    CHARACTERISTICS AND EFFECTS: Thata is a potent purple elixir that will make its user feel aggressively confident, optimistic, and on top of the world. Sometimes to the degree that they will do things that are dangerous and harmful to themselves or others.