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    This is the pure metal form of the hard, jet-black ferromagnetic ore known as adamantite, from which the famous alloy adamantine is made. Adamant is rarely found in nature, but when it is, it will always be in large spherical pockets in hardened volcanic flows. Adamant is one of the hardest known substances, but it is also brittle. A sword made of adamant could slice through most metals but would snap off if struck by another blade or even a smartly wielded wooden cudgel.

    Habitat: Volcanic Regions

    Frequency: Legendary



    TYPE: Chalky substance that can sporadically burst into yellow flames.

    HABITAT: Anywhere with sufficiently hot temperatures. Very common around volcanoes.

    UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: A natural explosive that has formed through mana slough off. A common ingredient in bombs.

    FREQUENCY: Uncommon

    Bog Lung

    Caused by prolonged or intense exposure to the Endless Bog or dark mana. Considered by many to be a curse, this disease causes intense hallucinations and hypothermia. Like pneumonia, many who catch Bog Lung die from water aspiration.

    SYMPTOMS: Productive coughing with watery phlegm, excessive sweating, hypothermia.

    CURE: Treatable if found in the early stages. General medicine and an induced fever will often burn out the illness.

    FREQUENCY: Uncommon

    Caster’s Cough

    Spending far too much time casting spells, some magic users are susceptible to contracting Caster’s Cough. The prolonged use of mana, especially while in the Dark Reaches, can cause a magic user to contract a nasty cough, which makes it harder for them to successfully cast spells.

    SYMPTOMS: An awful and violent cough, bluish colored phlegm (+2 DC to spell casting). If it is not treated, it could potentially render a magic user unable to channel spells.

    CURE: This can be cured by a cure disease spell, Kl’tto Blossom Tea, or the consumption of a Bella Berry.

    FREQUENCY: Common

    Cerulean Bubbles

    cerulean bubbles.JPG

    Cerulean Bubbles are, well, bubbles that are blue but they’re attached and grow on the branches of a blue-barked tree. The sap leaking from the bark seems to be the source of these bubbles that act as leaves. These bubbles are extremely delicate—a single touch could create a chain reaction which makes them all pop like a domino effect. Physical touch repels them, but the only way to detach them safely is to use magic—a utility spell. The bubbles, themselves, can be frozen and will keep their shape. A fun decoration for parties, but the sap is what mages often look for.

    Habitat: Fey Wood

    Commonly Used In: Mana Elixirs

    Frequency: Uncommon



    When someone contracts this disease, the skin hardens like a mineral, then cracks as disease worsens, causing conventionally untreatable wounds. If left untreated, crystallization creeps up to internal organs, causing immense pain from minimal mobilization and hemorrhaging. Eventually this leads to full crystallization, where a person becomes a crystal statue forevermore or until a higher power heals them. This disease can only be caught when wounded by corrupted mana crystals.

    Cure: Ashline and Dragontear applications. One can also gain cure from bathing in a certain concentration of mana for an amount of time, depending on the stage of the disease’s progress.

    Frequency: Very Rare

    Dranur Paste

    TYPE: Drug

    INGREDIENTS: Crafted from scraping residue off the stalagmites that are found within Dranur.

    CHARACTERISTICS AND EFFECTS: A silver-gray paste that can be eaten or smoked. Extreme hallucinogen and relaxant. Highly addictive.

    RARITY: Common

    Gambling Fever

    A strange and magical disease that travels around Esterin, infecting people at random, or so it seems. It compels the infected to seek out bets, gambling away their hard earned gold, or perhaps, helping them win a fortune. When presented with a bet, the infected will always want to partake.

    SYMPTOMS: Recklessness when presented with the opportunity to gamble, some even say they feel forced to go out to the casino or make causal bets on the street.

    CURE: Let it run its course. The disease will make its way out of the infected’s system within a week's time. If desperate measures are needed, a skilled healer can remove it with a cure disease spell.


    Lust’s Glow

    Lusts Glow.png

    A rose with violet petals, a light seeming to glow within without any obvious source. Interestingly, this variety grows without much of a stem, seeming to sprout from the ground itself. An alluring scent permeates the air around them.

    Geographical origin: Steam jungle

    Uses: The petals, either raw or ground into a fine powder, lend themselves to aiding in creating aphrodisiacs or other concoctions that stimulate the senses.

    Commonality: Uncommon

    Mana Shards

    mana shards.jpg

    Type: Crystalline shards.

    Habitat: Found near mana sources.

    Unique characteristics: A natural power cell for mages and those who need to use mana to fuel their vehicles.

    Frequency: Relatively common



    This silvery-blue, shining metal is derived from soft, glittering, silvery-black ore found in rare veins and pockets all over, from the depths of the earth to surface rocks. Mithril can be combined with steel (varying alloys of iron and carbon) to mirror adamantine if one has no access to adamantite ore, but this process is both difficult and known only to a very few blacksmiths.

    Mithril is the lightest and most supple of metals hard enough to be used in the making of armor; it is extremely valuable.

    Habitat: Anywhere
    Population: Rare

    Pixie Dust

    TYPE: Powder Drug

    INGREDIENTS: Actual ingredients are unknown to the public, and while rumors abound that ground up Fey wings are used in its creation, it’s clear that some sort of aphrodisiac is involved.

    CHARACTERISTICS AND EFFECTS: Pixie Dust is known to cause the taker to experience mild hallucinations, while increasing their sexual desire. The effects are known to last for a few hours at a time, while the come down off the high often causes the user to feel empty and hollow and more needy in their interactions, which of course, causes more abuse. Consumed by inhaling it through the nose, Pixie Dust is sold in small, black, opaque vials. Pixie Dust is known as a party drug, although getting your hands can be difficult, unless you know the right people. Marketed at a more expensive price than a typical paste, the drug is often seen as one used by Esterin’s more elite, should they choose to imbibe.

    Rainbow Ore

    rainbow ore.png

    NAME: Polychromos Amalgamated Chrysalis Ore

    An ore that looks like metallic, multicolored crystals. Research has shown that it is a natural amalgamation of various metals and gemstones or crystals, different kinds of the ore have different levels of hardness or flexibility, and the various refining methods also can increase or decrease the hardness or flexibility. It is an ore that is high in mana but can’t be used as fuel for manatek. It is incredibly difficult to refine it and work with this kind of ore making it relatively unpopular for people who are looking to mass produce manatek or are on a tight timeline for projects. Main property is how well it works in larger manatek creations.

    USES: Creating various manatek items, making storage devices for mana. Works better then normal or most other metals. Easier to enchant, strengthens enchantments put upon it.

    GEOGRAPHICAL ORIGIN: Usually found in areas with a large variety of different kinds of metal ore, gems and a decent amount of mana around and rather high temperature.

    COMMONALITY: Common to Rare - Usually depends on luck and location. Can be common in areas with high heat and mana sources but incredibly rare in moderate to cold environments. Usually found in Veins like more ores, the size of the vein depends on the location.

    Surna’s Kiss

    Surnas Kiss.jpg

    A beautiful orange and red flower that glows and emits warmth. If nearby a mana source, the petals may even turn pink.

    Habitat: Wooded areas of temperate to warm climates and usually found near a mana source.