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    Creatures, beings, people, or simply forces of nature that are considered mythical. There is not enough information to prove that they exist, but there also isn't enough to disprove it either.

    Beast of the Deep

    Known as the Destroyer of the Golden Age, the Beast slipped through the cracks of reality between Esterin and the realms beyond. Although Lena’s harsh actions stopped any further creatures of its magnitude from wreaking havoc on the planet, its children and turned Branded still roam free. The Beast has not been active since the New Dawn events. Some scholars assume it has died due to being cut off from its host reality.


    Bob the Golem

    A creature that is known to exist in Mistmoore. However how this golem came to be, who created it, and what purpose it serves aside from mining precious ore is entirely lost to the annals of history.

    Bob the Golem

    Dream Eaters

    Curious creatures that appear in the mind's eye of those who are especially sensitive to temporal disturbances and events. Folklore has stated their existence is plausible at best, but even now, young children will often remark to their parents about the skeleton with antlers riding a horse following them in their dreams…


    The Prophets

    The first among the Q’thar that landed on Esterin. It is assumed they have all since passed, but rumor floating among the Archivists is that three of the original Prophets remain in cryo-sleep within Srybavyr. None have been able to gain entry to confirm if the Prophets are real and still alive.

    The Prophets

    Void Guardian

    It is unclear how many guardians there are. Are they real? A figment of depravity and madness from the Rift Lands? All that is known is that if one is following a normal person, that person will suffer a fate worse than death.

    void guardian


    It is unclear when the first Wendigo emerged. All that is known about these mysterious, often nefarious creatures, is that they do not answer to anyone, no god or ruler can control them. They exist in an odd half-state with the Realm and In-Between. Their motivations are unclear, and they appear to possess intelligence but rarely, if ever, speak with the living. Sometimes used as messengers and guides, Wendigo will appear to those who have undergone some extreme trial or tribulation in their life.

    Additionally, if children become lost in the Wilds, Wendigo will adopt them and make them one of their own. It is unclear if these creatures are living or dead.