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    Bog Lung

    Excessive exposure to the Endless Bog or Darkness. Similar to pneumonia, this disease manifests itself as a curse, which at the end of its lifespan drives the victim made with hallucinations and visions. Eventually the victim will die of too much water in the lungs.

    SYMPTOMS: Excessive coughing with watery phlegm, cold temperature, excessive sweating and tears.

    CURE: Treatable if found in the early stages. General medicine and an induced fever will burn out the illness.

    FREQUENCY: Uncommon

    Caster’s Cough

    Spending far too much time casting spells, some magic users are susceptible to contracting Caster’s Cough. The prolonged usage of mana, especially whilst in the Dark Reaches, a magic user can contract a nasty cough, making it harder for them to successfully cast spells.

    SYMPTOMS: An awful and violent cough, bluish colored phlegm (+2 DC to spell casting). If it is not treated, it could potentially render a magic user unable to channel spells.

    CURE: This can be cured by a cure disease spell, Kl’tto Blossom Tea, or the consumption of a Bella Berry.

    FREQUENCY: Common

    The Chambers

    As a newly discovered disease, its origins are unknown. There is some evidence that The Chambers has links to mana use. Individuals that cannot parse mana, as a result, are at a greater risk. Q'Thar and Afflicted are at the most common victims, due to their inability to process mana. Vampires and those allergic to mana sources are also at a greater risk of catching the Chambers.

    SYMPTOMS: Extreme, painful spasms and hammering body aches. The Chambers is named as the pain starts in the rib cage, and then expands to the whole body. Other symptoms include, but are not limited to: high fever, black veining on the face, grey, peeling skin, dehydration, and weight loss.

    CURE: Sugar stunts the Chambers virus cells. It's important to keep the patient hydrated. Although they won't want to eat or drink, healing potions can also reverse the effects (albeit slowly).

    FREQUENCY: Extremely Rare



    When someone contracts this disease, the skin hardens like a mineral, then cracks as disease worsens, causing conventionally untreatable wounds. If left untreated, crystallization creeps up to internal organs, causing immense pain from minimal mobilization and hemorrhaging. Eventually this leads to full crystallization, where a person becomes a crystal statue forevermore or until a higher power heals them. This disease can only be caught when wounded by corrupted mana crystals.

    Cure: Ashline and Dragontear applications. One can also gain cure from bathing in a certain concentration of mana for an amount of time, depending on the stage of the disease’s progress.

    Frequency: Very Rare

    Gambling Fever

    A strange and magical disease that travels around Esterin, infecting people at random, or so it seems. It compels the infected to seek out bets, gambling away their hard earned gold, or perhaps, helping them win a fortune. When presented with a bet, the infected will always want to partake.

    SYMPTOMS: Recklessness when presented with the opportunity to gamble, some even say they feel forced to go out to the casino or make causal bets on the street.

    CURE: Let it run its course. The disease will make its way out of the infected’s system within a weeks time. If desperate measures are needed, a skilled healer can remove it with a cure disease spell.



    A lack of mana. This affliction can only affect those of High proficiency or above.

    SYMPTOMS: Sweating, fainting, confusion. Eventually coma and death.

    CURE: Be near a mana source or within one of the safe zones.

    FREQUENCY: Moderately Common

    Mana Poisoning

    Too much mana. This affliction can only affect those Medium Proficiency and below.

    SYMPTOMS: Glowing white orifices, crystallization, death.

    CURE: Seeking help from a cleric, high magic or above user, or placing one’s hands on a containment vessel. Mana poisoning is fast acting.

    FREQUENCY: Uncommon


    Consuming Surna's Kiss, contact with unusual mana shards, too long in the Rift Lands.

    SYMPTOMS: Fire burns and cracks from beneath the skin. Eyes, mouth, and nose all glow/expel fire.

    CURE: Demi-god's healing breath, swimming in the deep ocean, or control of the fire through mana charms.

    FREQUENCY: Very Rare

    Wasting Syndrome

    A disease predicated by unusual weight loss even with excessive eating and feeding. The victim is unable to get full or maintain their weight.

    SYMPTOMS: Eating an exceptional amount without gaining weight or losing weight.

    CURE: The Syndrome can only be cured if the victim stops eating, entirely, for a month. This is very dangerous as the goal is to reset the desire to eat, but many people are unable to stand the physical pain that comes without eating.

    FREQUENCY: Very rare among the general population. Excessively common among vampires.