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    Artificing - a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

    Carpentry - woodworking for staves, bows, or other wooden items.

    Cooking - delicious foods.

    Engineering - golems, kinetic rifles, and manadecks.

    Leatherworking - creation of leather items, clothing, or armor.

    Performance - an act of staging or presenting a play, concert, producing art, or other form of entertainment.

    Smithing - a smith who handles metal of all kinds, making anything from weapons to armor

    Jewelry -

    Tailoring - creation of cloth items, clothing, or armor.


    Arcane - understanding of magical properties, required to rank up in Spell Crafting.

    Language - knowledge of the written and spoken word.

    Medicine - Knowledge and understanding of the body’s workings, as well as how to treat it with appropriate tools.

    Military -

    Nature - understanding of geography, weather, and natural phenomena from an academic application, knowledge of animals, agriculture.

    Survival - practical application to find water, track animals/people.

    Technology - familiarity with Q’Thar tech, automatons, or other non-magical items.


    Acrobatics - gymnastic feats, finesse.

    Athletics - running, climbing.

    Flight - useable if your character has wings, flying.

    Perception - the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

    Sleight of Hand - pickpocketing, card tricks, small hidden movement.

    Stealth - moving quietly to avoid detection.

    Strength - ability to lift, carry, or move an object or person.


    Bluff - lie.

    Diplomacy - oration, calm discussion.

    Empathy -emotional appeal.

    Intimidate - frighten, terrify.

    Persuasion - persuade someone with an argument.

    Seduce - attraction, sexuality.

    Rarity Definitions

    Common - Under every rock, sticking out in every field, common materials basically smack you in the face they’re so visible and easily located.

    Probability (1 : 1)

    Uncommon - Just a step above common, uncommon items are found often enough to make a profit, but only by those skilled in finding such material. Your regular Joe could stumble across it easily.

    Probability (1 : 100)

    Rare - Usually worth a good deal of money, rare materials/creatures are not found often.

    Probability (1 : 10,000)

    Legendary - Based off of legends, but has been located a handful of times in Esterin.

    Probability (1 : 1,000,000)

    Fabled - There are no known findings of this material/creature listed.

    Probability (1 : 100,000,000)


    Regenerative - potions that regenerate health.
    Bomb - potions that cause AOE damage.
    Poisons - potions that cause degenerative damage.
    Special Effects - potions that are not regenerative, bombs, or poisons.


    Ability Points - Awarded on the type of event and at server milestones.

    Artifacts - Legendary items and weapons that provide unusual, potentially world bending effect

    Beast - a natural creature appearing in Tenebris.

    Bonus Stat Items - An item that rewards a single permanent skill point in specified skill when equipped. Higher skill point allotment requires approval.

    Bonus Stat Weapons - A weapon that rewards a single permanent skill point in specified skill when equipped. Higher skill point allotment requires approval.

    Consumable Items - One use items that restore health, mana, or resilience. Cannot provide game-breaking effects. Can temporarily increase a skill level for 1 skill check.

    Event Items - Items with relevant to events. Collectibles that can provide special point.

    Max Money/Wealth - The max amount of wealth and money you can reward at your level.

    Monster - an unnatural creature or horror appearing in Tenebris.

    Mounts/Vehicles - Self explanatory.

    Org/Religion Ranks - Increasing one's status in an organization or religion.

    Regular Items - Regular items a person would have in their house, in their vehicle, to help with pets, or odds and ends.

    Regular Weapons - Weapons with materials plainly found such as swords, shields, axe, etc. This does not include kinetic or manatek weapons.

    Reputation - Reputation rating that accrues through participation in events and bounties. Reputation has its own set of rewards.

    Secret Knowledge - Knowledge only available through investigation. Can involve politics, personalities, history, or something unique.

    Skill Points (SP) - Self explanatory. Used to level up skills.

    Spell Points (SSP) - Self explanatory. Used to level up spells.

    Special Items - In addition to providing a skill point buff, the item also provides a unique effect.

    Special Knowledge - Knowledge that requires a special interaction to uncover.

    Special Weapons - In addition to providing a skill point buff, the weapon also provides a unique effect.

    Titles - Special titles awarded in RP, Mythic Hero Title, and anything that seems important enough

    UPD - Use per day