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    Creatures that roam the Dark Reaches and Rift Lands. These are dead bodies reanimated without the use of necromancy. Unlike the sentient Common and Noble Undead that retain their intelligence and humanity (ghosts, dullahan, and soul-stitched), the Lost Horrors are not sentient and only seek to kill anything that is living or untouched by Twilight.

    It is assumed that these creatures were dead bodies or beings that were exposed to wild mana. Lost Horrors generally do not respond to necromancy, and the exact method of their reanimation is unknown aside from speculation.


    Lost Horrors - Abomination.jpg

    A terrifying amalgamation of bipedal creatures, either forced together through alchemy, necromancy, or exposure to unrefined mana. These creatures can crop up anywhere, but are most common where large amounts of people live. They are also exceedingly common in the Dark Reaches.

    FREQUENCY: Exceptionally rare

    Abyssal Horror

    Lost Horrors - Abyssal Horror.jpg

    Common to the Dark Reaches and Rift Lands, Abyssal Horrors feed off of the fear of those around them. It is unclear if these creatures were around before the Darkness and released with Surna’s disappearance, or if they have always been present amongst the shadows. Horrors do not have any visible defining facial features. Unlike their cousins, the Riftland Horrors, these creatures go out of their way to attack adventurers.

    FREQUENCY: Uncommon

    Bone Golem

    Lost Horrors - Bone Golem.png

    Bone golems are a variation of Skeletons. They are born from cemeteries and piles of corpses, similar to Abominations, but are instead comprised of bones and sometimes roots and plants. These undead are more intelligent than skeletons and their size ranging from 2-6 meters / 6-20 feet) makes them much more dangerous. They are rarely found outside the Necropolis or its borders, unless they are being controlled by a stronger entity.

    Habitat : The Necropolis

    Frequency : Rare

    Level : Adventurer - Hero

    Death Knight

    Lost Horrors - Death Knight.png

    Death Knights are the commanders of the Lost Horror swarms that plague the Dark Reaches around the Necropolis. They are capable of raising the dead, are extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat and some still retain magic abilities they had when they were alive. Once great heroes, Death Knights typically do not speak modern common and have relics from their past lives. It is extremely rare to encounter a Death Knight, and only a handful have managed to come back to tell the stories. They are much more intelligent than the usual Lost Horrors, and some have even demonstrated the capabilities to devise strategies and command an army of Lost. There has been rumors that they are one of the only members of the Lost to actually possess sentience, along with an extreme hate for the living.

    Habitat : The Necropolis.

    Frequency : Mythic.

    Level : Mythic Heroes.

    Ghast of The Gov’n

    Lost Horrors - The Ghast of the Gov_n.gif

    Size: 9ft-14ft

    Weight: Weightless

    Appearance: These strange, towering spirits are, most of the time, purely ethereal, their thin, lanky bodies emanating an otherworldly glow and exuding an ephemeral mist from their very pores.

    The Ghast consist of a fairly small, chitin coated torso, two hauntingly long arms that hang usually down to their knees, their legs are just as long as their arms with shins of jagged, silver bone that end in a sharp point. A long tentacle of carapace coated flesh hangs from the back of each ones scalp, though the number of these tendrils can differ from a single, long tentacles, to five. Dotted neatly in each Ghast’s belly, is a single, large and quite functional eye. Due to these creatures merely being the wandering ghosts of an unknown species, they are partly translucent and usually glow in differing shades of pale blue and green.

    If one of these beings are Feral, their eyes glow a most notable, hostile red and at least one limb somehow partially reformed with flesh, the savage creatures forcing themselves into the physical plane through sheer force of will alone.

    Behaviour: The behaviour of Ghast’s tends to vary quite broadly from each individual spirit, though they seem mostly apathetic to their surroundings unless their attention is caught, either through provocation or otherwise. On the other hand, there exists specifically ravenous individuals of these beings, usually referred to as Feral Ghasts. Feral Ghasts are highly dangerous and will attack most on sight, butchering groups of travelers with ease with whatever limb they have physically manifested.

    One curious trait that both Ferals and Non-Ferals share, is the inability to harm, and strange fascination with young children, of any humanoid race. If one encounters a child, they will usually lead the child to safety the best they can, cooing the infant with a strangely soothing lullaby. The lullaby is always the same.

    Another curious tidbit; Ferals will attempt to devour any they happen to kill, with little care at the utter futility of such an act, some ravenously ripping a body to shreds for hours on end trying to feast upon their victims flesh, which will merely fall straight through their spectral maw and onto the floor.

    Habitat: Dark Reaches

    Strengths: Magic Casting/Physical Combat

    Weaknesses: Magic Attacks

    Population: Extremely Rare.


    Lost Horrors - Ghouls.png

    Ghouls are a common type of Lost Horror found throughout the Dark Reaches and beyond. About as intelligent as beasts, they often roam in groups of 2-3 to hunt down living beings. They are not an exceptional danger one on one, but can become a greater challenge in a group. They are the products of recently dead adventurers rising back from their grave and as such have little changes in terms of appearance safe for the fangs and claws that are much more prominent now. They also possess a paralyzing bite similar to that of Vampires. Their bodies stops decaying as long as they feed on corpses regularly, a starved ghoul will die within 1-2 days.

    Habitat : The Dark Reaches.

    Frequency : Common.

    Level : Adventurer.

    Gorgon Hag Witch

    Lost Horrors - Gorgon Hag Witch.png

    Only a handful left in existence, these hag witches are incredibly powerful, each one maintaining their own lair somewhere in Esterin. Once a coven of powerful witches, these Gorgon Hags have been corrupted by trips to the void in order to obtain ancient knowledge and even further by the darkness. Frightening and impossible to negotiate with, these creatures will attack on sight, forcing you to stare into their eyes in order to turn you to stone and add you to their collection. They seek to gain the knowledge and power of every person walking the earth.

    *Cannot be used by players

    Habitat: Locations Unknown
    Strengths: Unknown

    Weaknesses: Unknown

    Population: 3-6 left in existence


    Lost Horrors - Skeletons.png

    Skeletons are extremely common, especially near the Necropolis and serve as the undead fodder of the dark realms. They are easily defeated one on one and by magic, but in swarms they can pose a threat to even the most seasoned warrior.

    Habitat : The Dark Reaches / The Frontier / The Necropolis.

    Frequency : Extremely Common.

    Level : Novice Adventurer.

    Undead Wyvern

    Lost Horrors - Undead Wyvern.png

    Undead Wyverns are the mounts of Death Knights, they have lost their ability to breath fire and instead gained the ability to expel noxious gas from their mouths and chest cavities. They are deadly and exceptionally difficult to kill.

    Habitat : The Necropolis / Dark Reaches.

    Frequency : Extremely Rare.

    Level : Hero