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    Lost Horrors - Abomination.jpg

    A terrifying amalgamation of bipedal creatures, fused together by alchemy or necromancy.

    Frequency: Exceptionally Rare

    Abyssal Horror

    Lost Horrors - Abyssal Horror.jpg

    Native to the Dark Reaches and Rift Lands, Abyssal Horrors feed off of the fear of those around them and are absent of any defining facial features.

    Frequency: Uncommon



    These aimless vagabonds are the product of mana from mana springs and ley lines seeping in high concentration into wooded areas. They are known to wander the woods aimlessly and attack anything that ventures too close.

    Habitat: Wooded regions along ley lines or near man springs.

    Frequency: Common in forests

    Characteristics: Generally bi-pedal tree-like beings with knotted limbs sometimes used as bludgeons. Their physical characteristics may vary anywhere from as short and feeble as a gnome to as tall and menacing as a mountain troll. They are known to be hostile on sight, indicative of their seemingly dull intellect. They can be found in groups or as lone wanderers. They don’t seem to show any signs of cooperation or pack mentalities, suggesting they may not even acknowledge one another’s existence. It can be inferred that spotting a group of Arborans is pure coincidence.

    Unique Qualities: While Arborans are exceptionally dull, they are also exceptionally resilient. They don’t seem to feel pain or have any real concern for their own well-being. If not completely destroyed by dispelling the mana animating its body, an Arboran will eventually regrow its limbs after a long period and continue wandering until such a time comes.

    Weaknesses: Fire proves the surest and most efficient means of destroying an Arboran, as they are made primarily of plant matter. To defeat an Arboran is to simply render it unable to press its attack further. An Arboran can only be completely destroyed by wresting the mana from within its body by means of a nullifying magic.

    Difficulty: Very low. Novice adventurers typically hunt these creatures to practice their combat skills or magic.



    Andala are massive, lumbering, creatures covered head to toe in ashen hair that drapes over their bodies. They stab about 6 feet and five inches tall and can weigh anywhere between 200 and 250 pounds. They are docile, awkward, and extremely curious creatures who are popular among the bipedal species of Esterin for their helpful nature and adorable antics. They have long arms and short legs as well as a long tail that is highly maneuverable and very strong. They are well-known for their usefulness to traders and travelers as they make fantastic pack animals and entertaining travel companions. Their strong yet gentle nature is regarded as both a blessing and a curse. Despite their size and imposing appearance, Andala are very cowardly and will often cower from enemies or flee taking anything you’ve had them carry along with them. If they do fight it is with their backs to the wall in self defense.

    Andala are materially-minded creatures and love to hoard things they find pretty or interesting. Wild Andala usually have dens where they stash their treasures which act as a status symbol and a way to attract mates. Domesticated Andala are constantly on the move, so they mostly wear their treasures in their hair or somewhere on their bodies for all to see and admire.

    Habitat: Andala are native to the central mountain ranges of H’Nua and Calinis. They prefer the temperate climates of the mountains and wide selection of large, rocky, cavernous regions to make their dens.

    Population: They are quite a common sight in H’Nua, but are somewhat rare in other parts of the world as they’ve only recently started being traded with other cities across Esterin from their native lands in H’Nua. Currently they number at around 400,000.

    Arenaea-Insignes Visi


    As far as arachnids go, Arenaea-Insignes Visi or Regnisi for short takes the cake as one of if not the most petrifying types of this species to walk the Rift Lands. With surprisingly silent legs averaging over fifteen feet tall, a body at around eleven feet long, and four stolen hands and arms, this creature is among the few living entities in the lands that have the potential to live forever. These are also one of the few creatures that do not desire to kill you straight away. Instead, they opt to use their webs to capture you, slowly over time strip the very organic matter from your body, and use it to replace its own decaying tissue and bodily fluids. Over time these creatures have evolved into the perfect stealth machines, able to sit perfectly still with an unmatched patience and wait for when it can scoop up any separated members of your party or lone animals that have lost their way while also being able to swiftly and effortlessly move around the trees without making much noise. It does not possess much in the way of attack power besides surprise attacks and tends to use hit and run tactics that may or may not require perception checks each time it disappears into the shadows.

    Habitat: These creatures can be found almost anywhere with adequate food but their nests are usually located in very dense forests of leafless trees.

    Frequency: Uncommon

    Level: Veteran Adventurers

    Butcher Worm


    These creatures typically range from 15-20 feet in length, while the Queen typically ranges from 25-30 feet in length. They have sharpened legs that are used as weapons for hunting and defending their territory. Extremely territorial and protective of their homes, the butcher worm can be extremely aggressive and will usually attack anyone within a mile of its entrance. They are carnivorous and will eat any living creature, usually hunting in clews. Their saliva is incredibly toxic, causing flesh and bone to break down due to its acidity.

    Habitat: Mainly underground, in caves, or extremely dark places.

    Strengths: Good precision with their sword-like legs and very agile. They are smart hunters and often numbers give them an advantage.

    Weaknesses: They are very squishy and can be easily dismembered/killed. Their size also gives them a big disadvantage against smaller prey, making them vulnerable.

    Special abilities: Immune to illusion magic.

    Population: Common, but very rarely encountered, as they are burrowers.



    The Cavallers are monsters with sturdy humanoid features displayed proudly with their upper bodies. However, all physical aspects stop right around the monster’s knees and neck, as the appearance of hooves and a horse’s head replace the normal human feet and head, respectively. Although most Cavallers have dark colored hair, there were reports of white Cavallers and legendary types with a singular horn right at their foreheads. Cavallers reach heights greater than 8 feet after reaching adulthood, with their leg lengths making up most of their height. These monsters were said to be a special evolved case of the corrupted companions, where a horse escaped deeper into the frontier and the dark reaches, eventually being corrupted into the being we now know. The Cavallers are known to live in their own colonies, and are notorious for ambushing and stealing from bands of merchants their precious horses, in order to corrupt and build their colony. Famous for their immense speed, they have their impressive leg durability to thank for, as it’s been said to be as strong as top class steel. Thanks to their impressive leg physique as well, they are one of the fastest monsters in the realm, only rivaled by those who could glide through the air and the sea. Due to this, Cavaller hooves and leg skins are prized raw materials for making weapons and armor. Their hair also fetches quite a price for being a top quality wig material in the market, as well as a valuable ingredient due to its magical and medical properties. Unfortunately, they like secluding themselves from the world, and would immediately run from other beings to lure them into their own territory.

    Habitat: Sightings were reported in the grasslands, the dark forest, and the prism dunes. Appearances increase within the dark reaches, with a suspected colony within the endless bog.

    Combat Skills: Perhaps what one should be most wary of is the Cavaller’s immense speed and leg strength. As it is bipedal, the monster is very agile for its size, and even faster in running along one direction. Despite this, the monster prefers to immediately escape from sentient adventurers to lead them into their own traps. However, in the case of a fight, the monsters would prefer toppling down their enemies, and leaping on their legs to break them.

    Population: Rare in the wilds, Uncommon in the Dark Reaches

    Crystal Tyrant

    Crystal Tyrant.jpg

    Characteristics: Typically looming around 17 feet tall and 30 feet long, the Crystal Tyrant has thick grey hide covered in a variety of sediment, mud, and minerals. Across the back and down the lengthy tail is Dioxite, extremely tough crystals unique to the creatures, and provide both a natural armor and a means to attract mates. With their massive size and extreme weight, even the most absent-minded adventurer knows when the Tyrant begins to charge.

    They are territorial, making sure their land is inhabited only by its offspring and wives, and will attack whatever it sees as a threat to its kin, though retreating if satisfied. Juvenile Tyrants help carve out a nest for the family, crushing rocks with their tails and carrying out rubble. If without mates and territory, lone Tyrants will chase and kill whatever it sees to the very end, wanting to train its hunting abilities and prowess enough to conquer its own territory. All in all, though, the majority of Tyrants are rather dim, with the more Dioxite signifying the older and smarter a Tyrant is.

    Habitat: Deserts, caverns, and abandoned mine shafts.

    Combat Skills: Crystal Tyrants have a long and powerful tail covered in Dioxite, allowing it to crush boulders with the oversized nodule at the end. The creature's back is covered in Dioxite, allowing it to be incredibly resistant to airborne attacks, cave-ins, as well as other large monsters. While the underside is unarmored, it still is a very thick and durable creature, though vulnerable to water attacks.

    Level: Upper and Mid-tier adventurers should be wary of this creature, fighting at a distance and with a group.

    Population: Very Rare

    Cursed Biped

    Cursed Biped.jpg

    These monsters are the unfortunate side effects of untreated curses. Once sentient civilians, these cursed monsters now live outside cities and within their underbellies, always watching and waiting for warm bodies to feed on. They have no rhyme or reason, and cannot be cured unless they are graced by a Seraphim.

    HABITAT: Anywhere




    Characteristics: Strange nocturnal beasts that live in the trees. Once fully grown they are between 4-5 feet. Their skin mimics the texture and appearance of leaves and the top of their head is like that of moth wings. These features make it difficult to spot them between greenery.

    Deinomoths are entirely carnivorous and feast upon prey smaller than themselves. They devour prey whole and, once inside their prey is inside their mouth, they begin to dissolve as acidic saliva breaks them down for easy feasting. If the prey is too large they use curled claws to dig out chunks of its body before plopping it into their mouth.

    Habitat: Steam Jungle, Brier Forest, Swamps, and very rarely grasslands.

    Skills: Acidic saliva that can burn through even iron tier two armor materials. They can spit this up to three feet.

    Items: Their skin can be peeled to reveal thick translucent green tissue that can be used as a gel for health potions, salves, oils, gels, antioxidants, and is good for burns when applied directly.

    Population: Common.

    Drowned Shadow

    Drowned Shadow.jpg

    HABITAT: Any still water. Very prolific in the bog and taiga.

    ITEMS: None.

    FREQUENCY: Plethoric

    CHARACTERISTICS: A dark shadow that freely swims throughout stagnant bodies of water. It will drown any that come near it. These monsters are helpers to the Branded and Old Ones.

    UNIQUE POWERS: Minor possession.

    Dust Fiend

    Dust Fiend.jpg

    A massive, terrifying creature that is the result of a spirit run amok in the Wilds. Fiends apparate on rare occasions to attack adventurers and caravans, but many prefer to remain secluded in their dens. Many Fiends have a token that if possessed by someone other than themselves, can allow them to be freed or used as a familiar. Additionally, it is possible to charm fiends for a short time to help you.

    Habitat: Wilds

    Frequency: Very rare



    These creatures have an incredible range of characteristics. Some efreets are hulking in appearance and float in the air like genies, while others take the form of humanoids with legs. Although their physical appearances differ individually, they do have some similarities. Mainly, all efreets are ghostly in nature. They can choose to appear, disappear, remain tangible or not, if they so wish. These creatures are also quite elemental in nature, ranging from light, air, fire, water, earth, steel, lightning, sound, and shadow as their most common forms. These creatures are known to be incredibly loyal familiars, fighting to the bitter end for their masters. However, the Efreet has the innate skill to gauge the power of their masters. They are known to never choose the stronger master, and to serve the weak and deserving of their power, such as the childlike, damaged, and civilian. Thus, they use their ghostly features to hide within their master’s body, and come out once they deem it necessary for the safety of their master, or if their master demands it. As such, legends tell they are distant relatives of elementals, although some argue of them as the more ancient forms of them and the natural enemy of the shades, while others consider them as another group that had made a pact to prevent themselves from overpowering other races. Their gentle characteristic is mostly evident with their passive states in the wilds.

    Habitat: They are mostly seen around leylines, such as the mana spring and the mana lake. They also appear in the wilds, and light types are mostly observed around the Dark Reaches, serving as sentinels in the darkness.

    Population: Uncommon



    An odd creature created from bursts of wild magic and raw mana, Ersatz usually take the form of common objects: chests, barrels, books, clothing, furniture, etc. They prefer to hide places where humanoids live, preying on them by mimicking usually inanimate objects. They are incredibly intelligent, wiggling their way into dungeons, cities, shops, or even inside of people's homes. When they remain still, Ersatz are almost indistinguishable from whatever it is they are attempting to mimic. It would take a very trained eye to see the difference. At will, these creatures can make their surfaces incredibly sticky, forcing something that touches it to make a DC12 strength check to unstick their hand from the surface. If they fail, they are grappled by the creature, and it gets advantage on attacking who they have grappled. Their bites are acidic, dealing an extra 1d6 acid damage on top of their physical bite attack.

    Habitat: Populated cities, dungeons, caves, anywhere they could coax someone into touching them.

    Population: Very Rare

    Forsaken Afflicted

    Forsaken Afflicted.jpg

    An Afflicted that has succumbed entirely to their curse. Now depraved with self-hatred, envy of non-afflicted, and general bloodlust, these creatures will feed on travelers and unaware adventurers until they are hunted and killed.

    HABITAT: Forests and plains, often near civilization or settlements.

    FREQUENCY: Very Rare.



    A scavenger-like predatory creature with a likeness resembling a Jackal, this creature spans up to a height of 2-3ft and can weigh upwards of 40lbs depending on size. Its special features denote it from any other canine-like animal, those being its crazed red eyes with green pupils. Two rows of crooked sharp teeth, and tails that amount from 1-7, which also dictate their position in a pack. That also tells a hunter more about its value. The more tails it has, the bigger the price!

    HABITAT: Frontier, Desert

    POPULATION: Common


    Lost Horrors - Ghouls.png

    Ghouls arise under peculiar circumstances from adventurers that have perished near the Rift Lands. Common physical changes include mottled, putrid flesh, claw-like fingers and elongated fangs. Retaining some semblance of intelligence, ghouls travel in packs of 2-3, typically capturing their prey with a paralytic bite, similar to that of a Vampire.

    Properly fed, a ghoul can theoretically live forever. However, a starved ghoul will decay within two to three days.

    Habitat : The Dark Reaches

    Frequency : Common



    Gnashing, glowing teeth are often the first and last thing seen of these nefarious creatures, and thus they were named. With shadowy hides and terrible claws, these beasts stalk the darkness in packs, digging and tunneling to create elaborate dens in order to set ambushes for the unwary. Hunting with their acute sense of hearing and smell, more than one unwary traveler has found themselves falling through the ground where the Granshers quickly pounce. Typically the size of large dogs, Gnashers will often retreat if they feel outmatched, falling back to their dens to lick their wounds.

    Combat Skills: Their front paws are sharp and strong, capable of tearing both dirt and flesh apart, and they have a powerful, venomous bite. They are vulnerable to fire magic, however, and will flee if enough of them are killed.

    Habitat: Frontier and Unstable Biomes

    Population: Uncommon



    General Description: The Giggler is an enormous creature with dark violet skin and glowing green highlights for the tails of its spikes, two tentacle “tusks” and fingernails. Perhaps, the most distinct features of the creature are its irregularly shaped teeth as well as a multi-faceted yellow crystal eye, with a ruby pentagonal iris. The creature drags itself with two slim arms that end with slender, narrow fingers, as the rest of its body is caterpillar-like with several spikes on its top.

    This shadowy creature often shows itself to the wanderers of the Unstable Biomes, demanding food which would satisfy him. If the adventurers choose to sacrifice the food, it will spare their lives. However, if the command is rejected, the cyclops will break into a maniacal fit of laughter before attacking his targets in an attempt to eat them instead. Usually, the creature can be heard nearby by the dragging sound of its body, the gnashing and biting sound from its teeth, and the glowing eye that it harbors.

    Habitat: Esmere, Unstable Biomes, especially in the steam jungle and endless bog.

    Combat Skills: The Giggler has a tough hide and spikes. However, its greatest disadvantages are its sensitive underbelly and its giant crystal eye. As it is fairly massive as well, the Giggler fights with its belly laid low and its arms free to defend attacks against its opponents. Its arms, tentacle tusks, and fingertips are laced with poison, dealing 2 DOT if it hits its target. The best way to defeat the Giggler is to chip away at its crystal eye until it breaks. It’s fairly stupid as well, so it can be outsmarted.

    Level: The Giggler should be very difficult to attack with close ranged attacks. As such, it might require a team to take it down. However, distant attacks should work well in defeating it, if it doesn’t manage to close the distance.

    Population within the realm: Moderately Uncommon



    Omnivorous beasts that live in groups consisting of 1-4 males and 1-6 females. They are a patriarchal group that stay in clusters of nests, with the oldest and strongest male being considered what is the “alpha” in the pack and is entrusted with protection and leadership. Aggressive towards any challenge (though not necessarily territorial), they are undeniably a force not to be trifled with due to their powerful limbs, ferocity, and a surprising amount of wit that both make them easier to communicate with, but formidable and hard to hunt. Once an alpha dies, they are known to flee.

    HABITAT: Caves, Dense foliage

    POPULATION: Uncommon

    Lorakaryn Drake

    Lorakaryn Drake.jpg

    The Lorakaryn Drake, a creature of tribute to the grace, beauty, and elegance of Surna. Just like the sun, these majestic creatures emit a strange warmth from their fiery manes. Like the world once bathed in its glow, the beast’s draconic visage speaks of its otherworldly appearance, and its pure white, silken fur speaks volumes about its grace. Supposedly scholars have said that their horns are of pure crystalline mana, which tells why they have been spotted generally around Leylines. Quadrupedal, they are usually no larger than an adult horse and can easily match normal equines in speed. While usually peaceful, legends say it's capable of breathing white fire.

    HABITAT: Few have been spotted near leylines, mana lakes, and on some occasion along the frontier.

    POPULATION: Since the disappearance of the sun, the species has dwindled substantially to no more than a handful.

    Malfunctioning Golem

    Malfunctioning Golem.jpg

    Golems that have gone awry, either in cities or outside of them. If a golem’s creator dies without renewing the golem’s creation glyphs, or if it somehow becomes influenced by an outside force, the golem will malfunction and forsake its duty. This can result in malfunctioning golems attacking civilians, ruining buildings, or blocking the road.

    HABITAT: Anywhere


    Mountain Troll

    Mountain Troll.jpg

    A sentient and highly intelligent cousin to orcs, Mountain Trolls opted to never intermingle with society after the Darkness descended. Instead, they made settlements within the Frontier and Dark Reaches. Continuous exposure to the corrupting influences of the Old Ones made them large and monstrous; many eat manflesh and will cannibalize weaker members of their clan.

    Trolls are exceptionally smart but have no magic affinity. If given the chance, they will capture female adventurers to use as breeding mates and play things.

    Habitat: Frontier, Dark Reaches

    Frequency: Common

    Night Terror

    Night Terrors.jpg

    Terrifying, semi-intelligent creatures that fly and hunt in packs. They have a vaguely bipedal shape, but most walk and run on all fours. They have a fleshy wing sail that allows them to glide if they have high enough altitude. Night Terrors are known by their terrifying, chittering calls.

    HABITAT: Dark Forest, Dark Reaches. Anywhere the Moon’s Light does not show.

    FREQUENCY: Uncommon



    Characteristics: Quillback are thought to be related to Beastkin, though that does not stop them from pillaging and raiding unprotected settlements across Esterin. They are typically 5’ tall with goat-like features, with the exception being lengthy quills and curved horns arching from their head. Trophies such as coins and jewelry hang from their necks, with a ceremonial mask ever present upon their faces.

    A Quillback is almost never seen without their infamous crossbow, and frequently add alchemical reagents to them to increase their deadliness. If not a crossbow, spears and axes will finish the job. They have a rich culture centered around worthiness and the survival of the strong, with Quillbacks seen as chosen by the Spirits. Their kind is above all others. While they had been far more numerous at the end of the Golden Age, Quillback villages were hidden or kept out of reach as time went on. Despite them hating non-Quillbacks, it is possible to negotiate peace if one learns the language and has enough gold on hand. Villages and towns, as well as bandits, have been known to negotiate alliances with them in the past.

    Habitat: Dense forests, mountains, or cliffs. Typically near a town or trade route.

    Combat Skills: Quillbacks are known for their ability to shoot a bow, though their physical strength and durability is somewhat lacking. They can navigate difficult or extreme terrain with relative ease, their small stature allowing them to move swiftly.

    Level: A singular Quillback will typically lose to a low-level adventurer, though Quillbacks are rarely alone.

    Population: Uncommon

    Riftland Fiend

    Riftland Fiends.jpg

    Disturbing creatures that live in the Rift Lands. It is unclear if at one point they were humans or some type of bipedal creature. They are relatively docile, and will only attack if they are aggressed upon. It is unclear how many Fiends live within the Rift Lands, but most adventurers avoid them.

    Typically these creatures are seen stitching some type of cloth or weaving a magical tapestry. It is unclear how sentient they are, as they do not possess mouths with which to speak. If one manages to steal a cloth or weaving they can sell the item for a small fortune. However, many report that in doing so, they felt as if they were constantly watched from the shadows and in their dreams.

    Habitat: Rift Lands

    FREQUENCY: Very rare

    Rusted Trapper

    Rusted Trapper.png

    Characteristics: Rusted Trappers are creatures created by the Darkened Leyline and the Old One that resides there. They typically stand around 8’ tall, though individual features and appendages vary widely between each model. These Trappers will relentlessly pursue its targets, seeking to subdue and return it to the machine depths of the Darkened Leyline and never to be seen again.

    Aside from key components such as the wiring and pauldrons, the Trapper is made of a biological material that only appears to be synthetic. It appears to be a seamless melding between science and flesh, aided and sculpted by an Old One.

    Habitat: Darkened Ley Line, though have been found throughout the Leylands.

    Combat Skills: Rusted Trappers all have the same extending limbs, allowing for attacking from multiple angles at a distance. They are also surprisingly flexible, fitting into spaces that would ordinarily be unreachable. While intelligent enough to set ambushes and traps for the unwary, Trappers do not use any additional weaponry. They have a strong resistance to magic, but are weak against flames and divine-based magic.

    Level: In an open fight, mid-tier Adventurers should win a fight with a Rusted Trapper.

    Population: Rare



    HABITAT: Sirens live both within the Luminescent Bay and active bodies of water.

    ITEMS: Pearls

    FREQUENCY: Uncommon

    CHARACTERISTICS: Sirens can appear as beautiful males or females of a given race, typically human or elf, with minor secondary sexual characteristics. The species reproduces asexually and only eat meat.



    HABITAT: Anywhere there is an abundance of mana. They will often float around high or above magic users, and frequent natural mana locations. They particularly enjoy craftsmen that use mana within their work.

    FREQUENCY: Plethoric

    COMMONLY USED IN: Sprites are difficult to catch. If one manages to do that, they can be ground into a highly potent mana tincture.

    UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: Sprites travel in packs and can range from a few dozen to hundreds. They seem to have a small bit of intelligence in the sense they will try to preserve their own lives. If they take a liking to a magic user, they will stick around that person until either the user dies or all of the sprites get their fill of mana.

    Toadstool Monster

    Toadstool Monster.jpg

    A disgusting monster that is the unfortunate result of a familiar neglected by its summoner or an animal companion left to die. Representing wrath and deceit, these creatures will manifest around high mana sources if an adventurer or traveler looks like their old, trusted master. Toadstool Monsters are low intelligence.

    HABITAT: Mana springs, lakes, leylines.

    FREQUENCY: Very rare.

    Tundra Fiend

    Tundra Fiend.jpg

    Like Dust Fiends, Tundra Fiends are spirits influenced by the physical world. Unlike their counterparts, Tundra Fiends are spirits that consciously took on a physical manifestation of the environment around them. These fiends have exceptionally high resistance to charm and magic, whilst wielding no magic of their own.

    Common in dens, these are solitary creatures that will attack unwary travelers.

    Habitat: Ice Fields, Endless Bog, Taiga

    FREQUENCY: Uncommon

    Zrokizen Mermen

    Zrokizen Mermen.jpg

    Cannibalistic, barely-sentient, annoying. These creatures have rightfully earned their reputation as the little shits are the scourge of numerous lakes, bays, and rivers littering the lands of Esterin. With webbed feet and hands, gills and surprisingly powerful limbs, they both make proficient swimmers and dangerous predators. Their movements are sporadic, which makes them harder to target. They also sport a set of dangerous razor-sharp teeth that can rip a neck off a cow if they ever got a good bite in. Thankfully, however, they are absolutely stupid and can be easily diverted by light. May the Gods bless you if you dare venture without a lamp out into a lake.

    HABITAT: They normally burrow into reclusive alcoves or fairly shallow areas along the bays and banks of lakes and rivers. Abhorrent of light, they distance themselves from heavily populated areas.

    POPULATION: Abundant