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    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A large, aviary beastkin. About 4.5", incapable of flight. Weighs about 90lbs. Most Crows have a lisp that extends their speech pattern.

    PURPOSE: Provide quests, guide adventurers, or sell items as needed. Many inhabit Lightvale and act as menial positions for adventurers.



    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: varies between cities. Most guards will be clad with a standard uniform.

    PURPOSE: To provide general protection within city walls as well as the immediate area outside of it.



    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONS: Merchants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many will have fine clothes that they have made themselves or purchased through their profits.

    PURPOSE: to provide general equipment, material, housing, and any other purchasing needs to adventurers. Some merchants will have specialized shops in cities, while others are simply available at market.

    Road Engineer

    road engineer.jpg

    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Engineers come in all shapes and sizes. Equipment varies between individuals but all carry an engineer's pack, and either a broadsword or flintlock rifle. They have basic armor, and short-distance communication devices.

    PURPOSE: People that have signed up to protect the road both its infrastructure, equipment, and those who travel along it. They rarely stay within Verdisol, instead more interested in the frontier.



    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: No consistent physical description aside from living in a certain city or settlement. Many residents will reflect the typical race of a city unless it is exceptionally large (such as Taunhill and Verdisol).

    PURPOSE: People that are trying to live their lives to their goals, regardless of the adventurers around them. Many townsfolk enjoy the presence of adventurers, whilst others want all of them gone.