Character Attributes

Character attributes are a simple point pool that allows the player to customize their character in a meaningful and progressive method. This is measured by AP- ability points. Every new player (Adventurers) starts with a 60 AP pool. The starting point pool increases over time as the player “ranks up” with their status in the server. This is often referred to as Veteran Status. Your rank also corresponds with the species you can create. Species stats are here.

Characters in Tenebris Realm are required to have at least 1 AP devoted to an Ability Tree. You are allowed to disperse your AP as you wish, but keep in mind going below 15AP per ability tree will severely change your character’s play style. 15AP is the average for a normal adult, while 20AP in an ability tree is the average for a novice adventurer. You can read the different ability tree and ability point allotments here, as well as their general definitions (this is also linked throughout this page).

WARNING: if you leave the server this resets your Veteran Status, as we rely on a server bot to track the length of your stay in TR.


Gamemasters have the ability to create characters of any species and at any rank. This is to create new content for players and to give the world a feeling of fullness.

New players will have access to a set number of Ability Points (AP).  This value represents the points you can invest across the three Ability Trees: Combat Ability,  Magic Ability, and Resilience.  The starting value is 60 AP and may be split in any way between three Ability Trees (AT). You can view these all in tandem here. It is important to note that Luck, Wealth, and Reputation follow a different scale and are listed separately under the allotted sections.

Some definitions

Combat Ability (CA):   This branch recognizes all physical skills including athletic ability, agility, sheer physical presence, attack power, and more.  
Magic Ability (MA):  Magic ability recognizes all things arcane.  While some skills may overlap with the above branches, MA also represents knowledge and execution of spells.
Resilience (Res):  This branch recognizes stamina, mental resilience, knowledge, and other factors that increase the overall resilience of a character.  Your Resilience is a 1:1 ratio for your HP. If you have 20 AP in R, you have 20 HP.
Luck (L): A bonus applied to your character’s dice rolls.
Wealth (W): Your character’s earned or inherited wealth.
Reputation (Rep): Clout and general presence.
These stats will be reflected on your character in the following format:


3 ability trees (CA, MA, R) allow normal players to spend up to 250 ability points per tree. After this, the scale changes and will be determined by a Game Master.

  • Amount of skill points generated from total earned attribute points. For every 25 applied AP you generate 1 useable SP.

  • Gamemasters will award unallocated skill points that you can apply to any ability tree as well as Luck.

Note: You cannot apply SP to Luck, Wealth, or Reputation.
AP: Ability Points
Applied AP: Applied attribute points to a skill tree.
AT: Ability tree: Combat Ability (CA), Magic Ability (MA), Resilience (R).
Modifiers: Equipment, objects, titles, boons, curses, and rewards that permanently increase or decrease a specific ability tree or Luck, Wealth, and Reputation. These are rewarded in roleplay.
Total AP: Server Rank, species bonus, earned through roleplay.