General Guidelines

Bounties can occur when 3+ people engage in a group RP, where one person is the definitive leader of the group. This person is the Bounty Issuer, those who sign up are Bounty Participants. This distinction is important, as Issuers need to engage their Participants.

  1. Who can issue a bounty? Bounties are available to an player that is at least a server rank Veteran and up. Your rank indicates the amount of rewards you are able to give.

  2. Why do a bounty? Bounties add to the fabric and experience of Tenebris Realm and the staff team wants to encourage player storylines that fit within the world lore. Hosting a bounty enables your character to receive rewards while engaging with ideas that you want to incorporate in the world.

NOTE: While staff encourages you to explore your character’s storyline, if something is not engaging to other players or is deemed to be incredibly narcissistic, you will need to consider reworking the information you want others to engage with. The purpose of bounties is that they should be fun for both issuer and participant.

  1. What kind of rewards can I issue? You can issue rewards appropriate to your rank on the server. Go to Rewards to look at your rank’s reward amount.

  2. When you are ready to advertise your bounty, you are allowed to tag the @Bounty tag.

How To Structure a Bounty

When structuring your bounty, you need to consider three things:

  1. Participation: What groups, factions, species, or wealth levels do you want to participate? Is this an open bounty for anyone to join?

  2. Storyline/purpose: What is the main conflict of your bounty? A conflict can be; exploration, combat, character interaction, gambling, and even socialization.

How long will your bounty last? Player bounties should typically be completed within 1-3 sessions. This roughly translates to 3-10hrs of roleplay.

Template for written portions of the Bounty.