When players reach Mythic rank in Tenebris Realm, they have the option to become a Champion.

Champions are people that exemplify a certain aspect, belief, or way of life. Gods or certain powers have taken notice of these individuals, and have bequeathed a boon upon them.

Required Mechanics

  • Rank 7 or Higher Reputation

  • Rank 12 or higher in appropriate Ability Trees

  • Participate in 3 server events to completion

  • Host 3 bounties regarding your character development

  • Appropriate Religion or Organization Rank

  • Player Request to appropriate Aspect

  • If an aspect is busy/non responsive (aka the GM or someone is not available) the request will be forwarded to the next appropriate person

    Note: You gain both the benefits from your aspect type AS WELL AS your discipline benefit.

    View the benefit table here!