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    (STR) Strength, measuring physical power.

    (DEX) Dexterity, measuring agility.

    (CON) Constitution, measuring endurance.

    (INT) Intelligence, measuring reasoning and memory.

    (WIS) Wisdom, measuring perception and insight.

    (CHA) Charisma, measuring force of personality.

    (LUK) Luck, 1 Luck = 5AP. Luck can also be obtained through game betting.


    Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
    Born STR 10 0





    Species DEX 9 -1
    Genus INT 14 +2 Weaknesses
    N/A WIS 7 -2


    Rank CHA 10 0
    N/A LUK 0 ±0
    Attribute Total Modifier
    0 DEATH
    1 -5
    2-3 -4
    4-5 -3
    6-7 -2
    8-9 -1
    10-11 0
    12-13 1
    14-15 2
    16-17 3
    18-19 4
    20-21 5
    22-23 6
    24-25 7
    26-27 8
    28-29 9
    30 10

    Basic Dice

    Physical Values

    Combat DMG (AVG) Techniques
    1 1d8 1
    2 2d8 1
    3 3d8 2
    4 4d8 2
    5 5d8 3
    6+ Varies 3+

    As your character grows more experienced and capable in combat, they will have the opprotunity to learn Combat Techniques. Read more about Techniques under experience.

    Magic Values

    Magic Rank DMG/HEAL
    1 1d8
    2 2d8
    3 3d8
    4 4d8
    5 5d8
    6+ Varies

    Advanced magics are learned and used through the creation and refinement of Talismans. Read more about Talismans on the Magic page.

    Combat Roll Types

    Your assigned attributes direct affect your combat rolls. Go here to see an example combat sequence.


    Physical Attacks. Adding Strength or Dexterity modifiers to your physical attacks. Each character has a better chance to land a physical attack based on how many AP they invest in Strength or Dexterity

    Magical Attacks. Adding Intelligence or Wisdom modifiers to your magical attacks. Each character has a better chance to land a magical attack based on how many AP they invest in Intelligence or Wisdom.


    Healing. Heal any player or monster on the battlefield. Healing is assumed to always go off during combat and out of combat.

    Armor Class (AC) = Mod Dex + Mod Con + 10. Armor class is a character's base armor rating, displaying the number one must meet or exceed when rolling to attack said character.

    Spell Save DC (SSD) = Mod Int + Mod Wis + 10. A Spell Save DC is something any mage has. When said mage casts a debuff or DOT onto the target, the target has a chance to roll a save to meet or exceed the caster's Spell Save DC.


    Downed. When a character is downed, they must roll 5 standard d20 dice rolls to save themselves, needing to succeed 3 of the 5 dice rolls. 10+ is a success. Anything below that is a failure. Every +1 constitution modifier adds an additional dice roll the character may roll in attempts to succeed 3 times.

    Critical Hit. Rolling a 20: The character rolls the max possible damage for their damage dice. (5% chance)

    Fail. Rolling a 1: A critical failure is up to GM discretion, but usually something ridiculous happens. (5% chance)


    Luck is a special attribute that cannot be physically measured. Some species start with a flat luck bonus during character creation. Others must invest in the luck attribute by earning AP and applying them to their character.

    The luck bonus works as follows:

    1. Before an action, you may cast a luck roll.
    2. To declare a luck roll, you must say, out of character, you are rolling for luck.
    3. You then state whether you believe your roll will be even or odd.
    4. Using the dice bot, you then roll a d100.
    5. If you predict correctly, your luck + value is applied. If you predict incorrect, your luck - value is applied.

    Luck Levels

    0 - Starting level, no possibility for detriment or bonus.
    1 - +1 or -1 to dice rolls. Earned by spending 5 attribute points (at once) or winning a total 50 gambles.
    2 - +2 or -2 to dice rolls. Earned by spending 5 attribute points (at once) or winning a total 100 gambles.
    3 - +3 or -3 to dice rolls. Earned by spending 5 attribute points (at once) or winning a total 150 gambles.

    Skill Proficiences

    A skill proficiency is a specific skill that your character excels in. Everyone can start off with 4 skill proficiencies. The skills a character is proficient in get a flat bonus to the modifier. This bonus is determined by character level, as seen on the experience page. If someone wants to learn proficiency in a skill, they must run a progression bounty focusing on using this desired skill. (THE EXAMPLE STAT BLOCK DOES NOT INCLUDE PROFICIENCIES.)

    Definitions of Proficiency Skills

    Acrobatics: Gymnastic feats, jumping, finesse, etc.

    Arcane: The understanding of magical properties.

    Athletics: Running, climbing, etc.

    Deception: The art of lying.

    History: The knowledge of the world your character has.

    Insight: Understanding into the situation.

    Intimidation: Frighten, terrify, etc.

    Investigation: To observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry.

    Language: Knowledge of written and spoken word.

    Medicine: Knowledge and understanding of the body’s workings, as well as how to treat it with appropriate tools.

    Nature: Understanding of geography, weather, and natural phenomena as well as knowledge of animals and agriculture.

    Perception: The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

    Performance: Act of staging or presenting a play, concert, producing art, or other form of entertainment.

    Persuasion: The act of persuading someone with an argument.

    Religion: Knowledge of the Divine Pantheon.

    Seduce: Attraction, sexuality.

    Sleight of Hand: Pick-pocketing, card tricks, lock-picking, and other small hidden movements.

    Stealth: Moving quietly to avoid detection.

    Survival: Practical application to find water, track animals/people.

    Technology: Familiarity with Q’Thar tech, automatons, or other non-magical items.

    Example Skill Proficiency Table

    Derived from example character above.

    Skill Corresponding Attribute Attribute Modifier Skill Corresponding Attribute Attribute Modifier
    Athletics STR 0 Persuasion CHA 0
    Acrobatics DEX -1 Seduction CHA 0
    Sleight of Hand DEX -1 Deception CHA 0
    Stealth DEX 0 Intimidation CHA 0
    Technology INT 2 Performance CHA 0
    Language INT 2 Insight WIS -2
    Investigation INT 2 Perception WIS -2
    Medicine INT 2 Religion WIS -2
    History INT 2 Survival WIS/INT -2/+2
    Arcane INT 2 Nature WIS/INT -2/+2