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Getting Started

Standard Character Template

  • Make a copy: File > Make A Copy
    • Alternative: File > Download > (Your Preferred File Type)
  • Send any questions to the Character Discussion channels, Mechanics Discussion, or Lore Discussion.
  • Use the calculator below to determine/fill in your base stats.

Keep in Mind

  • Your character is a citizen of this world and will develop over time.
  • Your character should have both a religion as well as an organization (or faction).
  • The best development comes from good story-telling, not your stats.
  • Draw inspiration from your character's strengths as well as their weaknesses.
  • The lore is meant to be a set of guidelines, not hard limitations.
  • To calculate hybrid stats select both species in "Base Species."

Character Calculator

2 / 2
Base AP Total
STR 0 0
DEX 0 0
CON 0 0
INT 0 0
WIS 0 0
CHA 0 0
DVO 0 0
10 0
10 0
10 0
Potency Alteration
1d8 ±1
Critical Duration
20 4
AP Bonuses Boons
  • --
  • --

AP Bonuses

For every 5 points you have in a stat, you'll receive the following relevant bonuses.

Stat Bonus
STR +5 Potency
DEX +1 Critical
INT +1 AoE
WIS ±1 Alteration
CHA +1 Familiar(s)
DVO +1 Boon(s)

Skill Usage

Skill checks are performed by rolling 1d20 + the relevant stat.
(e.g. Climbing falls under Athletics. 1d20 + STR)

Stat Skills
STR Athletics, Brute Force
DEX Acrobatics, Disarm Trap, Thievery, Stealth
CON Endurance
INT Lore, Knowledge, Forgery
WIS Empathy, Insight, Medicine, Perception
CHA Deception, Intimidation, Negotiation


Primary Attributes

Strength (STR) - Physical power and carrying capacity

Dexterity (DEX) - Agility, balance, coordination, and reflexes

Constitution (CON) - Endurance, stamina, and good health

Intelligence (INT) - Deductive reasoning, knowledge, memory, logic, and rationality

Wisdom (WIS) - Self-awareness, common sense, restraint, perception and insight

Charisma (CHA) - Force of personality, persuasiveness, and leadership

Devotion (DVO) - Affinity with a particular deity.

Secondary Attributes

Hit Points (HP) - The amount of damage you can take before being killed, disabled or destroyed

Armor Class (AC) - Your ability to avoid/resist non-magical attacks

Spell Resistance (SR) - Your ability to resist offensive magic

Boons - Abilities granted to you by your devotion to your deity

Potency (PTC) - The effectiveness (dice pool) of your damage/healing

Physical Attack (PAtk) - Your bonus to hit with a melee weapon

Ranged Attack (RAtk) - Your bonus to hit with a ranged weapon

Magic Attack (MAtk) - Your bonus to succeed with a spell

Area of Effect (AoE) - The number of targets you can affect with an attack or spell.

Critical - During combat, the range of rolls on a d20 which may earn a Critical Threat. Critical Threats will always hit the target, regardless of AC/SR.

Critical Threats

  • True Strike: (Critical Threat + Atk) < target AC/SR. Normal (1x) damage.
  • Critical Hit: (Critical Threat + Atk) target AC/SR. Double (2x) damage.
  • Critical Burst: Critical Threat = 20. Triple (3x) damage.

Other Attributes

Ability Points (AP) - The number of points available to increase your primary attributes.

Equipment Points (EP) - The number of points available for equipment bonuses. (Inventory)

Damage Reduction (DR) - The amount of damage you ignore per successful attack against you.

Proficiency - Ability to use a particular weapon or mana type.

Alteration - The strength of effects applied by your character. (Buffs/Debuffs/HoT/DoT)

Duration - The maximum number of turns your effects persist.