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    Wealth and Currency

    Tenebris Realm uses a gold standard for all currency. All coins are a type of metal, while those who are paying for larger purchases can use other items. Bartering is incredibly common, as is trading goods for services. The banking system in Tenebris Realm is called The Treasury. Each city has their own associated Vault. All coins are smithed using the same template with minor variations depending on the printing branch. Coins minted within Verdisol, for example, are outlined in green enamel.

    Wealth is tracked through Wealth Rating. It is up to the player to track their earned money and wealth level, which is done on your character sheet. Wealth Rating is the measure of your purchasing power within Esterin. Normal goods and services within your means are assumed to be affordable without any impact upon your Wealth Rating. A player's Wealth Rating in creased through bounties, events and quests (BEQ).

    More information on Wealth and related bonuses can be found here.


    Location Examples Equip Slots
    Main-Hand Primary 1H/2H Weapon 1
    Off-Hand Secondary 1H Weapon, Shield, Magic Focus 1
    Armor Breastplate, Chainmail, Robes 1
    Trinkets Jewelry, Accessories 3-5*
    Consumables Food, Potions, Scrolls N/A
    *If using a 2H Main Hand (or a Main Hand with no Off Hand), you may equip up to 4 trinket slots. If not using weapons at all, you may equip up to 5 trinket slots.


    • New characters start with a total of 3EP (Equipment Points) worth of Crafted items. This is affected by the character's starting wealth level.
    • As wealth increases, the number of bonus slots per item increases as well.
    • Bonuses may only be gained from currently equipped items. Unequipped items do not grant bonuses and reside in the character's inventory.
    • Artifacts/Relics take up the slot closest to their equipment type.

    Equipment Point (EP) Bonuses


    • Attack Bonus - Increases your PAtk, RAtk, or MAtk by 1
    • Defense Bonus - Increases your AC or SR by 1
    • Health Bonus - Increases your HP by 5


    • Duration Bonus - Increases your Spell Duration by 1
    • Potency Bonus, Minor - Increases your Potency by 1
    • Damage Resistance Bonus - Increases your Damage Resistance by 1


    • Stat Bonus - Increases your STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, or CHA by 1

    10 EP

    • AoE Bonus - Increases your AoE by 1
    • Critical Threat Bonus - Increases your Critical Threat by 1
    • Alteration Bonus - Enhances your Spell Alteration by +/- 1
    • Potency Bonus, Major - Increases your Potency by 1d8

    15 EP

    • Critical Multiplier Bonus - Increases your Critical Multiplier by 1

    20 EP

    • Awaken Ability* - Unlocks one of two Ability slots on your item.
      * Note: Learning Awakened Abilities should come through roleplay. Ability mechanics require GM approval.


    Players may also choose to raise or summon Pets to aid them in their adventure.

    More information on Pets can be found here.