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    In Esterin, the Treasury uses a gold standard for all currency, minted in the form of Scales (Sc). Fashioned after the great dragon Iaros Aurum, scales are universally accepted all over the world. All coins are smithed using the same template with minor variations depending on their minting branch. For example, coins minted within Verdisol are outlined in green enamel.

    As the defacto standard of banking, the Treasury maintains a Vault in each and every city, allowing customers to freely store and withdraw their balance no matter where they travel.


    All new characters start with a minimum of 15,000Sc, which they may use to purchase equipment.

    As characters successfully complete BEQ, they'll be awarded with a requisite number of Scales. Based on their reputation, each character will also receive bonus scales based on their Reputation Rank. Additionally, characters will receive periodic stipends from their respective organizations (every 14 real-world days).

    Outside of this, characters may buy, sell, and trade goods and services freely, many adventurers choosing to sell valuables they uncover on their travels.

    Reputation BEQ Bonus Stipend (14 Days)
    Rank 0 0Sc 250Sc
    Rank 1 100Sc 500Sc
    Rank 2 200Sc 750Sc
    Rank 3 300Sc 1000Sc
    Rank 4 400Sc 1250Sc
    Rank 5 500Sc 1500Sc
    Note: Bonus income is not increased by a BEQ's Challenge Rating.

    How to Modify Equipment

    COST: 5,000sc

    • Calculated Attribute Bonus - +1 PAtk, RAtk, MAtk, FAtk, AC, SR, HeK
    • Health Bonus - Gain +5 HP
    • Skill Bonus - Gain +1 to <stat>-based Skill Checks (Choose 1 Stat)

    COST: 30,000Sc

    • AoE Bonus - Gain +1 AoE
    • Alteration Bonus - Gain +/- 1 Alteration
    • Duration Bonus - Gain +1 Duration
    • Damage Reduction: +10 DR

    COST: 75,000Sc

    • Dice Pool Bonus, Major - Gain +1d8 Dice Pool
    • Crit Range Bonus: Gain +1 Crit Range
    • Crit Threat Bonus: Gain +50% Crit Multiplier

    Equipment Modification

    Salvaging (20,000Sc)

    Dumping unused equipment to create a new item

    • Requires at least one item, destroying all items used in the process.
    • Consumables cannot be salvaged.
    • Grants half of the scale infusion of the item(s), rounded down.
    • The salvaged infusion may only be spent on creating new items.
    • The salvaged infusion may be stored for later, but may still only be spent in this fashion.
    • Namebinds item(s).

    Reforging (Variable)

    Remove an item's Namebinding or transfer its bonuses to a different inventory type.

    Costs: 50% of infusion cost.

    Requires one item.

    Choose One:

    • Remove the Namebinding on the item.
    • Trading/Selling the item Namebinds it to that person
    • Transfer all EP bonuses onto a blank (0EP) item of a different inventory slot type.

    Transfer Equipment

    Transfer equipment between characters.

    Costs: Lose all infusions and keep unique abilities. Lose all Proficiency. Costs 50,000Sc.

    Equipment recognizes its owner, to change owners you must pay a cost.

    Mythic Infusions

    Mythic infusions represent the pinnacle of power for a single weapon. Each weapon can follow a different Tier of Mythic Infusion, once that tier has been selected, the weapon cannot follow any other tier.

    Unique abilities should be thematic with a character and should build a combat technique for the weapon.

    Weapons can be mythically infused up to 5 times.

    Divine Boons here.

    Tier Process Description 300% 400% 500%
    Awakened Awakening Allows for the creation of unique abilities and techniques. +1 Unique Ability
    +25,000 SC
    +1 Technique
    +25,000 SC
    +1 Technique
    +25,000 SC
    Relic Reliquary Showing a devotion towards a particular god. +20 DR
    +10,000 SC
    +20 DR
    +5 DVO
    +10,000 SC
    Legendary Infusion Limit Break Enables more scales to be infused with the item. +100,000 SC +100,000 SC +100,000 SC

    Equipment Infusion

    Proficiency % Amount of Scales you can infuse into your Weapon Tiers
    10 5,000 Uncommon
    20 10,000 Enhanced (1)
    30 15,000 Enhanced (2)
    40 20,000 Enhanced (3)
    50 25,000 Infused (1)
    60 50,000 Infused (2)
    70 75,000 Infused (3)
    80 100,000 Infused (4)
    90 125,000 Infused (5)
    100 150,000 Infused (6)
    110 175,000 Exalted Infusion (1)
    120 200,000 Exalted Infusion (2)
    130 225,000 Exalted Infusion (3)
    140 250,000 Exalted Infusion (4)
    150 275,000 Exalted Infusion (5)
    160 300,000 Exalted Infusion (6)
    170 325,000 Exalted Infusion (7)
    180 350,000 Exalted Infusion (8)
    190 375,000 Exalted Infusion (9)
    200 400,000 Exalted Infusion (10)
    300 450,000 Legendary Infusion (1)
    400 500,000 Legendary Infusion (2)
    500 600,000 Legendary Infusion (3)
    1000 750,000 Mythic Infusion

    Mythic Infusions

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