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Pets in Esterin come in two varieties: Companions and Familiars. Companions are non-combative (usually mundane) creatures that typically serve a role as traditional working animals. Familiars, whether magical or mundane, are trained (or created to fight side by side with their master. These creatures are loyal to their masters and will carry out tasks as requested. If an adventurer dies, their pets will often die from grief, go rogue, or return from whence they came.


These are typically working beasts that have been tamed, raised, or purchased by an adventurer. These do not possess any combat ability, and will flee to safety at the first sign of danger.

  • Companions cannot participate in combat, and are effectively statless.
  • Companions may be buffed outside of combat to enhance things such as their stamina, speed, or carrying capacity.


Creatures with a nigh-unbreakable bond with their master. Magical familiars are highly sought after, often hunted and passed down through family lines, whereas non-magical familiars represent years of selective breeding and/or combat training. While extremely loyal, familiar may rebel and/or abandon their master if mistreated, requiring the adventurer to obtain a new one. Magical familiars possess varying degrees of sentience and some are even capable of conversation.


General Guidelines

  • To start, all players may have up to one companion and one familiar.
    • This may be augmented through items, stats, or earned through roleplay.
  • Be sure to include your pets on your character sheet, including their name, a short description, and picture.
  • Companions may be any non-magical non-sentient creature within the Almanac (or common fantasy).
  • Familiars may either be magical or non-magical and should be representative of an intense bond between the pet and its master.
  • During your turn, either the player character or the pet may take an action, unless otherwise specified.


  • A familiar can be "Summoned" at the start of the encounter as a free action (or later as a standard action) by rolling a 1d20 + CHA.
    • On a Critical Failure (Natural 1), the familiar will not be summoned during the encounter.
    • On a result of 2-9, familiars will have 25% of their master's HP and stats (excluding personal equipment modifiers).
    • On a result of 10-14, familiars will have 50% of their master's HP and stats (excluding personal equipment modifiers).
    • On a result of 15+, familiars will have 75% of their master's HP and stats (excluding personal equipment modifiers).
    • On a Critical Success (Natural 20), the familiar will have identical stats to their master (excluding personal equipment modifiers).
  • Familiars may be buffed with spells that normally affect players and may be affected by AoE heals/buffs.
  • Familiars may be enhanced through equipment and magical items (including relics and artifacts).
  • Familiars will flee in battle before death, allowing them to be re-summoned later.