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Wealth is the measure of a character's financial assets, from the quality of their equipment to the pocket change they carry on their person. For each rating, the character is assumed to be able to purchase reasonable goods within those means. Players will need keen haggling skills or be prepared to take the hit to their wealth rating. Buyer beware.

Rating Name Assets Bonus* Server Rank
0-4 Destitute 1G --
5-14 Impoverished 10G --
15-29 Meager 100G -- Adventurer
30-49 Modest 1,000G +1 CHA, +1 Starting EP Veteran
50-74 Prosperous 10,000G +2 CHA, +1 Starting EP Exalted
75-104 Affluent 100,000G +3 CHA, +1 Starting EP Renowned
105+ Draconic 1,000,000G +4 CHA, +1 Starting EP Mythic
* - Cumulative Bonus

Purchasing Additional EP

For every twenty (20) points you reduce your character's wealth rating, they gain +1EP, which can be applied to any of their equipment.


  • You must have at least 20 points. Your Wealth Rating cannot fall below 0.
  • If you drop a Wealth Rank, adjust your CHA bonus to that of your current Wealth Rank.
WR Cost Total EP Gained
20 1
40 3
60 6
80 9
100 12