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Magic in Esterin is a volatile experience. The graphs below show all opposing elemental types as well as magical effects. Unique magic to Esterin include Arcane and Void Magic.

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Arcane Magic is elemental-less magic. That is, it has no singular defined element and is not naturally opposed or enhanced by other natural elements. The easiest way to conceptualize arcane magic is to imagine the ROYGBIV light spectrum; white light is all other light bands together. Likewise, arcane magic is all other elements combined.

Void Magic is the result of Arcane Magic or Elemental Magic being used in a way that expressly contradicts the physical properties of the universe. Void magic can bend reality, alter fire to be cold, lightning to freeze, and all sorts of other strange experiences. It creates rifts in the fabric of reality, which has resulted in the Rift Lands as well as the greater state of the world. Note: Void Magic cannot be harnessed by normal players.