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There are different types of magic that players can wield with their character’s internal mana.

Magic types:

  • Arcane (illusion, charm, non-elemental attacks)
  • Elemental (light, dark, fire, water, air, earth, void)
  • Corporis (healing, blood, necromancy)
  • Divine (temporal, divination).

Magic effects: damage, healing, utility (enchantment).


During character creation you may decide to use magic. Every character has access to basic magic damage (listed to the right). In order to gain more advanced effects, such as HOT (Heal on Turn), DOT (Damage on Turn), or summoning, characters may earn a Talisman through roleplay. It is recommended that beginning characters articulate their magic style and potential spells in a spell bank on the character sheet.


Heal any player or monster on the battlefield. Healing is assumed to always go off during combat and out of combat. However, unlike damage, all healing potency is halved, rounded down (e.g. When you roll 12 on 3d8, you heal 6HP. Likewise, 4 HoT heals only 2HP per turn).

Magic Rank DMG/HEAL
1 1d8
2 2d8
3 3d8
4 4d8
5 5d8
6 6d8
7 7d8
8 8d8
9 9d8
10 10d8
11+ Varies

Talismans and Relics

Talismans/Relics can be created during character creation, awarded in RP, or crafted during festivals. A spell caster can only use DOT/HOT/Debuff/Buff style magic with a talisman. (This is to reduce player confusion and a sense of leveling up magic, like how combat does with techniques.) Talismans are limited to one Mana Type to start with. Players can, through RP, gain additional mana types and increase their talisman level.

Server Rank Talisman Level Defensive Save Bonus DOT/HOT Buff/Debuff Turns Summons
Adventurer 1 +2 3 1 2 50HP
Veteran 2 +3 4 2 3 75HP
Exalted 3 +4 5 3 4 100HP
Renowned 4 +5 6 4 5 150HP
Mythic 5 +6 7 5 6 250HP
GM+ Artifact Varies Varies Varies Varies Varies

Example Talisman

Talisman Type Talisman Level DefensiveSave Bonus Base Effect Special Effects (GM Gifted Talismans Only)
Dark 1 +2 to Defensive Saves Gives Access to DOT/HOT/ Summons +1 Damage to Mana Type
+1 to Casting of Mana Type

Buffs Explained

  • Ability Score Bonus: An item can grant a buff to a single ability score (the total number, not the modifier) of your choice. (Ex: Necklace that grants +1 Charisma)
  • HP Bonus: An item can grant a buff to your health points. The number stated gets added onto your current total of health points.
  • Defensive Save Bonus: An item can grant a buff to your defensive saves, making it easier for you to resist magical debuffs or damage over time. If you would be told to make a wisdom save to resist a spell, you would roll a d20+wisdom modifier+item's defensive save bonus.
  • Attack Bonus: An item can grant a buff to your attack bonus, making it easier for you to hit a target with an attack. If you would roll an attack, whether it be physical or magical, you would roll a d20+applicable ability score modifier+item's attack bonus.
  • Add a Single Skill Proficiency: An item can grant you a single skill proficiency. (Ex: Necklace that grants proficiency in Sleight of Hand. You would now get to add your proficiency bonus to those skill checks.)
  • Add a Single Mana Type to Physical Attacks: An item can grant you attacks that coincide with a specific mana type. (Ex: Fire weapon dealing fire damage instead of regular physical damage.)