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*GM-granted role indicating that a player has displayed a high level of roleplaying ability and familiarity with the setting and lore.

Special Requests

Minor cosmetic/thematic variations to your character's species are allowable with GM permission. Stats for these will be identical to the nearest existing species.


  • Hybrids are only available to Veteran+ players.
  • Hybrids between a human and another species are quite common. Hybrids of two other species are exceedingly rare.
    • Half-human hybrids are freely available to be used as character concepts.
    • Non-human hybrids will have a higher standard applied to them, to ensure cohesiveness with the lore and setting.
    • Both species you wish to use must normally be available to you.
  • To calculate hybrid stats, go to the Character Generator and select both species in "Base Species."

Named Human - Hybrid Types

  • Asaer - Asrai/Human
  • Beastman - Wildfolk/Human, Elder Wildfolk/Human
  • Evaer - Elf/Human
  • Faer - Fey/Human
  • Halfer - Orc/Human
  • Halfling - Dwarf/Human, Gnome/Human
  • Tiefling - Demon/Human