Home Characters Species Aquans
Attribute Bonus
Type STR 0
Born DEX 0
Genus CON 2
Ferox INT 0
Rank WIS 0
Adventurer CHA 0

As the name so deftly applies, this species of sentience on Esterin is namely aquatic, amphibious, or has a cohabiting relationship with water in someway. Early on, during the Golden Age, these creatures were often called merfolk. However, with the emergence of leylines, their number, and types, exploded overnight. Like Beastkin, Aquans are most typically aquatic animals that appeared as leylines did across oceans, lakes, swamps, and rivers. Some of these creatures take on humanoid shapes, but their biologies and abilities vary as much as the animals they sprouted from.

Aquans are a uniquely young species. Like Beastkin, Aquans do not have a consistent culture. Their behavior patterns match their base species most often. They are known to be friendly with water elementals and druids. Aquans vary in their features and are difficult to track consistently. Notably there are a few different types of Aquans.

Amphibious. As the name implies these are beings that can exist both in and outside of water. They require air to survive and can absorb liquids through their skin.

Aquatic. Beings that must exist in or near a source of water. They can be on land for short periods of time, never exceeding more than three days, but they are most at home in bodies of water. Some have circumvented this through artificial water pumps.