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The Asrai are an all female race of nomadic warriors and shamans. Once especially prolific during the Golden Age, their numbers have since dwindled to be nearly nonexistent. The members that do remain often lie about their origins to pass as humans.

Asrai culture is simple; follow the ways of the Divine Goddesses and seek to destroy evil in the world. The women of this race reproduce by asking for a blessing from Michara, pledging to the Divine Goddesses to remain free of man's touch and influence. Lesbian relationships are common; as are warriors who have taken an eternal vow of celibacy. All Asrai are biologically women which allows them to reproduce normally with other species, however, in doing so they become a Fallen Asrai who is shunned by her community and stricken from her family record.

Before Twilight, Asrai would converge in massive caravans that would travel the world for years on end. Smaller bands of warriors would lead massive hunting parties on monsters that would threaten towns and cities. Asrai were the first, and last, on the battlefield between the Old Ones and living. A notable warrior named the Morning Star, who many view as the downfall of their culture and race, helped to eradicate the first swarm of Old Ones. Because of her involvement with the politics of other races Asrai are even more reclusive now and are entirely disassociated with modern organizations. Their population remains decimated since the engagement.

Naming Conventions

Below are the different clans and last names full or half-Asrai may use.

  • Ichor (blood)
  • Geist (spirit)
  • Keha (body)
  • Protas (mind)
  • Roka (hands)
  • Emakas (womb)
  • Suda (heart)

Biology & Stats

  • Species Type: Born
  • Genus: Divinus
  • Height: 5 - 6 feet
  • Weight: 100 -160 lbs
  • Life Expectancy: 100 - 120 years
  • Significant Anatomy:

    Asrai are a species of blessed women. Full Asrai males can be born but are often killed or abandoned at birth. Many Asrai have visible tattoos that symbolize their vows to the different goddesses in the pantheon. Those without tattoos are either children (younger than 15), Fallen, or those who were born outside of the Asrai caravans.

    Asrai typically have darker toned skin (ranging from gentle caramel to deep black) with an athletic build. Most are very tall and have unique colored eyes such as amber, purple, orange, black, or piercing blue. Asrai do not age like normal women. Imbued by with divine essence, their aging slows at thirty, to the point where it appears they are immortal.

Attribute Bonus


Vow (Tattoo)

Every Asrai makes a vow on her 15th birthday to Michara. This vow honors the Divine Mother as well as their commitment to Asrai culture. The player can specify the tattoo.

Broken Vow

Destroyed/removed Vow Tattoo. Although this does not cause the Asrai to lose her abilities, she is forever shunned from the Asrai society and is not allowed to enter Michara's temples or shrines.

Shade Weapons

Asrai will either inherit or have an enchanted weapon, armor, or item made for them. These items are Shade possessed and must be crafted by an Asrai Shaman. Some warriors have their possessed weapon in addition to normal equipment. As Asrai view Shades as inherently evil creatures, they will go out of their way to trap them and make use of their infernal powers for good.


Asrai that have had their Vow Tattoos burnt off through poor action, committed evil, or compromised themselves in some way. This can be as simple as falling in love with a man from another race and having children, all the way to aiding in genocide.