Home Characters Species Beastkin
Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Born STR 11 0

-25% Physical DMG


Choose 4 Skills


Species DEX 11 0
Beastkin CON 12 +1
Genus INT 8 -1 Weaknesses
Ferox WIS 8 -1

Take +50% more DMG from Arcane

Rank CHA 10 0
Adventurer LUK 0 ±0

An unusual and young race.

Beastkin appeared to sprout from animals, (not beasts or monsters), that were along the leylines during Surna’s disappearance. Many have strong ties to their animal ancestry; it is common to see wolves roaming together while tigers remaining solitary. Beastkin make excellent road engineers and mercenaries. A few have attempted to break into mana tech, but high level mana use among Beastkin remains virtually non-existent. Beastkin have some consistent culture between the varying tribes, the majority of which revolve around the worship of nature and dragons as a whole.

Beastkin come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Ranging anywhere from 2’-7’, 30-300 lbs, they can be mammalian, reptilian, or avian. (If you are looking for a more insectoid biped, the Xerik might be more appropriate, likewise an Aquan for amphibious or aquatic.) Like the beasts they resemble, many will fall between predator, prey, or omnivorous. Beastkin can have a lot of children quickly, but appear to have a low life expectancy due to poor living conditions and disease. It is uncommon, but possible, for Beastkin to live past 50. The more humanoid a beastman looks indicates a recent human ancestor. Animal traits in Beastkin can range from 30% to 90% of their biology.

Beastkin traits follow their animal ancestors. Many Beastkin will use their physical and racial traits to excel at hunting, work as a mercenary, general guard or peacekeeping work, or do anything involving physical labor. If a beastman has access to mana, though not very much, their job options usually increase substantially.