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Considered outsiders, tales are told about changelings stealing children. Many species, such as humans and elves, have taken these legends at face-value, treating these gray-skinned people with extreme prejudice. However in Beastkin and Orc cultures, these same stories are told of Changelings stealing human children, causing these species to be far more hospitable.

Given their expertise in diplomacy and subterfuge, as well as the ability to Polymorph, changelings are highly sought after by organizations.

All changelings are able to physically mimic the appearance of any biped that is within their size range. The quality of this shift is based on physical proximity to their subject, as well as any details known about the individual’s life. Unfortunately, Polymorph does not mimic the subject's clothing or equipment.

Changelings are able to safely use Polymorph once per day, and can hold the same form for up to one week, after which point they revert back to their true form for for a full day. Polymorphing is time-consuming. If caught mid-morph, a changeling will find themselves vulnerable to danger. As this ability is physically demanding, changelings must consume roughly 50% more food and water than other species.

  • Species Type: Born
  • Genus: Hominadae
  • Height: Varies
  • Weight: Varies
  • Life Expectancy: 80 - 90 years
  • Significant Anatomy:

    Changelings vary in size from 5’-7’ with a typically average body weight. All changelings’ true forms are gray haired, with completely white eyes, and gray skin. Their facial features are disturbingly flat. In their true form some changelings can have slightly distinguishing features, such as the shape of their mouth, tilt of their eyes, or haircut. Changelings rarely, if ever, reveal this form to others. Possessing a significantly increased metabolism, a changeling's internal temperature is roughly 10-20% warmer than that of a comparable human, and with proper care, live to be around 80-90 years old.

Attribute Bonus
STR -1
DEX -1
CON -1
WIS -1