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Chimera are wonderfully exquisite creatures that can only be created by true masters of the Arcane arts. A combination of necromancy, construct architecture, as well as healing is required to successfully grow and nurture a chimera. Once grown, Chimeras have independent will, but often take observational positions. Many act as guardians to the Treasury while others provide council to important figure heads. These unusual, hyper-intelligent beasts are created rather than born. All chimera are a mixture of at least one reptile, one mammal, and one avian. Unfortunately, given their unusual physiology, all chimera are sterile.

Chimera are among only creatures with the ability to divine the future. However, given the branching nature of time, they often dwell on which of these events will actually come to pass.


Biology & Stats

  • Species Type: Born
  • Genus: Artificia
  • Height: 7 - 10 feet
  • Weight: 250 - 500 lbs
  • Life Expectancy: 40 - 60 years
  • Significant Anatomy:

    Chimera are noticeably a mixture of the three major animal groups; avian, serpent, and mammal. As Chimera are artificial creatures some may have humanoid features.

Attribute Bonus
DEX -1
CON -2
CHA -2