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Constructs are made, not born.

A construct can either be someone who has died and had their consciousness harvested or voluntarily gave their consciousness over to a Maker. Every construct is required to have a Maker, but they do not necessarily need to know, specifically, who made them. As these were once living people, occasionally their consciousness can conflict with their given Creed. Many Constructs work along the Road, as they are technically unable to die.

Constructs can come in any shape, gender, or size. Many are built as bipeds to mimic humans or elves while some creators have opted to make them more animalistic.

Every construct has a crystal that stores their consciousness located within their body. Where it is placed is up to their Maker.

As constructs are made and not born, the traits and skills within the species varies enormously. Most traits are imparted on constructs from their crystal consciousnesses, while skills are either imprinted or taught by their Maker. Each Construct is required to have a Creed; the laws, rules, or beliefs that they must live by. These are imparted on them by their Maker. If a construct’s body is damaged beyond repair and their crystal remains intact, they can be placed within a new body.

Due to only having a consciousness, constructs have no natural means to use mana but will malfunction when mana is not present due to the way they were created.

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Biology & Stats

  • Species Type: Turned
  • Genus: Artificia
  • Height: Varies
  • Weight: Varies
  • Life Expectancy: N/A
  • Significant Anatomy:

    Constructs are artificial beings. Their bodies will represent an ideal either from their Maker or themselves.

Attribute Bonus
CHA -2