Home Characters Species Djinn
Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Born STR 8 -1

Take -50% DMG from Arcane Magic


Choose 4 Skills


Species DEX 14 2
Djinn CON 8 -1
Genus INT 10 0 Weaknesses
Elementum WIS 10 0

Take +100% more DMG from Cold

Take +50% more DMG from physical damage

Rank CHA 14 2
Veteran LUK 1 ±1

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A young species, the Djinn manifested and became sentient beings with help from unstable portal energy, rogue elementals, and gnomish experiments gone awry. Many lack empathy towards the older races while others are still learning how to exist on the physical plane. They are highly proficient with magic if on a leyline, and most can float or grant small boons of luck to their companions. They are particularly common along the Frontier’s Ley Line.

Djinn recognize Fortuna Fen as their possible creator as well as patron Goddess. It is rumored that the first Djinn appeared a few decades after the disappearance of Surna, floating about as empty vessels controlled by Fortuna herself, spreading either luck or misfortune to unsuspecting victims. Given that they are not involved (as they are too young) between the endless battle of Light and Dark, they often take a side-line approach to most things.

Djinn come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and gender configurations. Most range between 5’-7’ tall, male or female, and come in all colors, including blue, red, yellow, orange, charcoal, and purple. All Djinn typically have white or black hair, with pure white eyes. Seeing as they are a young species it is unknown how long Djinns may live but the oldest is known to be 180.