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adol dragon
Attribute Bonus
Type STR 2
Born DEX 2
Genus CON 2
Liber INT 2
Rank WIS 2


d adult 2.png
Attribute Bonus
Type STR 5
Born DEX 5
Genus CON 5
Liber INT 5
Rank WIS 5

Dragons were once common throughout the world, with those graced with colored scales having enough magic to polymorph into human forms and cast unique spells while those without color, known as the Crystalline Dragons, remained in dragon form at all times. Their physical appearance varies, with young adults typically being 10-12’ in length with 15-20’ wingspans. The older a dragon becomes the larger they grow. Dragons come in a variety of colors but most common are crystal, blue, green, red, black, white, yellow, and purple. As apex predators they have keen senses, night vision, claws, and teeth. This race is considered ageless.

As creatures of magic and fire dragons were deeply affected by the disappearance of the Sun Goddess.

It is unclear if the majority of the dragons died off or if many are in hiding.

Fey and Dragons have a close bond, as both are the two oldest living species in the world, and have been most affected by the world’s changes.

Dragons detest demons, undead, Enyre, Shades, Void Walkers--perhaps holding a grudge for the things done when twilight fell.

All dragons have the ability to breathe fire, talk in any language, as well as pass freely among the different cities. Dragons have natural protection against most curses and can use flight in their dragon form. Dragons are the only creatures that can achieve demi-god hood through aging.


Chromatic dragons come in different “colors;” red, green, yellow, blue, black, brown, grey, orange and white. Each of these associated colors has different elemental associations, traits, and personalities. For more information check out this wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromatic_dragon


Dragons without color. These are dragons that were hatched at the very moment Surna vanished. As such, their fire lung never grew, and their magical powers never manifested. Although still dangerous (as they are dragons), these creatures are considered lesser among their kind, and elder dragons, such as Somn, will kill them without hesitation.


Metallic dragons come in different “metals;” brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver, and steel. For more information check out this wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metallic_dragon


All dragons, unless they are exceptionally young, will have a hoard of some type. This hoard is typically built by the dragon on top of a mana spring, lake, or leyline. Occasionally, dragons will either steal hoards from one another, or built on top of one that has been abandoned. The older the dragon, the larger the hoard.

It is considered a great privilege to be allowed in a dragon's hoard.

Some typical spells all dragons would have:

  • Arcane mastery
  • Elemental breath (if chromatic)
  • Ferality (if crystalline); an animalistic, unending pursuit of some goal
  • Liquid metal breath (if metallic)
  • Mana sense