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    The En’yre are an ancient race, born from the earliest days in Esterin. These people are few and sparse, as their numbers have declined in the past millennia. However, with the Darkness, the En’yre are seeing a renewed surge among their numbers, either through new births or those cursed by the En’yre. This species is unique; they are the only being created by the Goddess of Death, Lena. As such, their traits vary significantly from the other races on Esterin. Most notably, these people are considered reapers; signifiers of death and famine among the more mortal species.

    Although the En’yre are life drinkers- meaning they can survive on the most basic forms of life. Be it mana, blood, living sacrifices, or even simply the healthy aura of a young person. They have been considered leeches in the past, and are the de facto progenitors of vampires, succubus, and liches. The En’yre are not undead. Their bodies do not age like other creations, as they have already reached Lena’s embrace. Rather, when an En’yre suffers mortal wounds, a terribly broken heart, or cast off their belief of Lena, they return to dust and bone. Unless Lena herself allows them, they can never follow the path of another Divine Being.

    En’yre are humanoids with a few consistent characteristics. All En’yre have dark, glowing eyes that reflect their mood and hunger. En’yre with orange or yellow eyes are sated or passive, while those with red are angered, lustful, or something in between. All black eyes indicate a feeding frenzy or extreme hatred and anger. Additionally to their eyes, these people have a notable trail of black feathers from the base of their skull to atlas bone. Either a symbolic or actual indication of once an ability to fly, they are no longer capable. 

    Most En’yre are between 5.5 to 6.5ft tall, with little dimorphic difference between the sexes. Their skin ranges from a light peach to dusty black, and there is no social stratification based on difference of color.

    En’yre are a matriarchal community. Although male En’yre are not treated poorly, the majority of social decisions and politics are passed through female head of households. 

    There are currently 3 major lines left of the En’yre, all others referenced have either died out or suffer from lone branch syndrome.



    Whispered Soothesayers

    The Bin al’Taeb liken themselves to be Lena’s first lineage. They trace their lineage through Esterin to the mysterious Sands of Time. An ancient family with an even more pedigreed history. Before Twilight the Bin al’Taeb spread Lena’s message far and wide, warning of the coming Darkness. They enticed, plotted, and schemed to make their Goddess’ will be known throughout the world. Bin al’Taeb view their creation of Damphyr as one of their greatest achievements.

    Attribute Bonus
    Type STR -1
    Born DEX 1
    Genus CON 0
    Divinus INT 1
    Rank WIS 2
    Veteran CHA 1


    Tinkerers and Stargazers

    Curiosity, madness, and ingenuity meet in divinely inspired - and often grotesque - inventions. The Grundred are an outcast line, originally unimportant in Lena’s divine schemes. Though, when Twilight fell and Darkness reigned, they founded a renaissance to develop manatek technology. Originally specializing in automatons, the Gundred now touch every modern technology industry on Esterin. Gundred are experts in the art of necromancy.

    Attribute Bonus
    Type STR 0
    Born DEX 0
    Genus CON 0
    Divinus INT 1
    Rank WIS 1
    Veteran CHA 2


    Warriors of Order and Power

    Might, order, power, and tradition reign in the Kriznarick household. These warriors, with flaming red hair and larger-than-average bodies, are the ancient stalwart protectors of the Gray Road. The Kriznarick family holds a deep anger in their hearts towards those who stood against Lena, and as warriors they will protect what is theirs and fight for their freedom. Kriznarick take pride in hunting T’varians for their pelts.

    Attribute Bonus
    Type STR 2
    Born DEX 0
    Genus CON 3
    Divinus INT 0
    Rank WIS 0
    Veteran CHA -1