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    Exalted Undead are a unique subset of Undead. Exceptionally rare, these are beings that have died and refuse to pass to Death. They are considered cursed, as they forego their final walk to Lena, and do not possess any ability that allows them to stay alive. Exalted Undead would typically be high level adventurers who fall in battle, through disease, or some other method such as a magic experiment gone wrong. The base species for Exalted Undead does not affect the outcome.


    Aeons are the remnants of those who have died with substantial will or preforming extraordinary deeds. This type of undead are exceptionally rare, as they are often magical conjurations of their heroic (or villainous) past. Typically they are called to remain on Esterin to continue their life’s work, protect their cities/families, or even pass on sacred knowledge.

    Attribute Bonus
    Type STR -1
    Turned DEX 0
    Genus CON -1
    Necros INT 2
    Rank WIS 2
    Veteran CHA 2


    Rather than the result of a possession or fell magic, Fiends are created by those who intensely rebuke death. Possessing twisted, aberrant bodies, Fiends are varied in shape and size, often attuned to a specific element.

    Attribute Bonus
    Type STR 4
    Turned DEX 4
    Genus CON 4
    Necros INT -2
    Rank WIS -2
    Veteran CHA -4


    Liches suck the life around them. Thought to be the unintentional offspring of the En’yre, these cursed beings will stop at nothing until their insatiable hunger is sated. Liches have an extremely high level mana aptitude, and it is thought that mages who dabble in forbidden magic can become liches.

    Attribute Bonus
    Type STR 0
    Turned DEX 0
    Genus CON 6
    Necros INT 2
    Rank WIS 0
    Veteran CHA -4


    Mind Reavers are some of the most unfortunate of undead. Driven insane through their life, in death they were exposed to great quantities of mana or were called back by necromancy. Mind Reavers are often very intelligent, and look to twist those around them into deeper insanity. Unlike Shades, Mind Reavers are unconcerned with possessing a physical form.

    Attribute Bonus
    Type STR 2
    Turned DEX -1
    Genus CON 2
    Necros INT -1
    Rank WIS -1
    Veteran CHA 3
    Mind reaver.jpg