Home Characters Species Fey
Attribute Bonus
Type STR -2
Born DEX 4
Genus CON -2
Liber INT 1
Rank WIS 1
Veteran CHA 2

Fey are rare in Verdisol. As creatures of mana, light, and nature, many of them perished when the world was plunged into darkness if they were not along a mana spring or leyline -- simply vanishing from existence. It is much more common to meet a descendant of fey (also known as a Faer), which is someone with a grandparent or beyond within their bloodline. Fey have an extremely keen understanding of illusion and charm magic, and additionally they can cast pixie fire and shock. Their mana is distinct as it typically shimmer a bright neon colors, such a pink, blue, green, or orange.

Fey are mischievous, adorable tricksters that will try to help others but usually at the expense of the dignity of those they are helping. Fey and Dragons have a close bond, as both are the two oldest living species in the world and have been most affected by the world’s changes. Additionally, Fey are a founding ancestor to Elves.

Faer are those with a grandparent or older ancestor.

Small humanoids. Females average between 4’5”- 5’3” and 80-120 lbs with males between 4’8”-5’6 90-130lbs. The average lifespan for a fey is unknown -- as they can live for eons if they are near a mana source. Many fey have hidden wings they can call at their leisure but those wings will tear through clothing. They have a short flight time, usually under an hour, before they become exhausted. Fey can come in any coloring, but all have bright blue eyes, skin that shimmers under moonlight, and gently pointed ears. Fey are considered ageless and will not die due to old age.

Faer do not possess wings that are flight-capable. They can summon magic wings, but they cannot be used for anything other than ornamentation.

Fey are unusually adept at magic casting. In addition to this they have a natural charm that can draw other creatures to them. In addition to their wings, fey emit particles of pure mana from their body known as pixie dust and nectar. Pixie dust falls from their wings, while nectar could be any liquid produced in the fey body (spit, blood, semen, etc). If ingested, those around them can become mana drunk or unduly charmed. The side effect varies from person to person, but most who come in contact with pixie dust or nectar find it to be extremely comforting, pleasurable, or sleep-inducing.