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Glisari are sociable creatures with their hospitality to newcomers rivaling that of humans. Elder Glisari are often seen as leaders within their community; the belief that knowledge, experience, and age provide the most tempered outlook on life. Both Glisari  life and power come from the surrounding nature. Since the Sun Goddess’ disappearance, their natural druidic powers have dwindled and thus the surviving Glisari are weakened forms of their ancestors. Their home city of Ollariem closed off to the world, leaving many without a place to return to. The invasion of aggressive species overwhelmed their home land which caused many to fight back and ally with those in nearby cities, such as Jarden and Birchwood, or risk becoming corrupted on the unstable Frontier and Rift Lands. Some fled even farther into the city of Taunhill where the rumor of Surna’s flame called to them. Other’s remained in Shepard’s Rest, wandering the land until their precious city revealed itself.

Despite their separation there are rumors of myths of an ancient home tree. But it has been forgotten to the sands of time. For now...

Glisari bodies are comprised of natural plant fibers and many survive by photosynthesis. Without natural sunlight, they have to find regions with large amounts of mana to sustain themselves. Their skin tones varying from earthen or vegetation to floral. Their eye and hair color will match that of their plant skin color or a varying shade of their base tone. Gender configuration can be asexual, female, male, hermaphroditic, or some combination. Glisari  typically live to be about 200-300 in their humanoid states, though the option to transform into a sentient yet immobile tree being during their elder years can increase their lifespan to 1000. Glisari can range from 4’-7’ tall, and their weight is equally variable depending on their water intake.

Glisari have a natural affinity for plant life; plants seem to bloom in their presence and bear more fruit. Unlike other races, they can obtain sustenance through water and mana light alone. Given their unique physiology, Glisari do not require traditional food to survive and can feed off of mana in dire situations. They can also regenerate wounds with water and fresh soil as well as mend their body with plant matter as long as they wounds are not too grave and given that they are tended to in a decent amount of time.


Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Born STR 8 -1

-50% DMG from water


Choose 4 Skills

Species DEX 12 1
Glisari CON 10 0
Genus INT 10 0 Weaknesses
Elementum WIS 10 0

Take +50% DMG from Fire

Rank CHA 10 0
Adventurer LUK 0 ±0


Glisari that have lived in the Wilds without mana or their hometree for an excessive amount of time can become darkened or corrupted. This leads to an unusual off coloring (such as milky white, purple, or blue) with an extreme thirst for blood and meat. These Glisari can be cured in roleplay.

corrupted glisari.jpg
Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Turned STR 2 1

Base Species Resistances


Base Species Skills
+ Survival or Intimidation

Species DEX 2 1
Glisari (Corrupted) CON 2 1
Genus INT -2 -1 Weaknesses
Cursed WIS -2 -1

Base Species Weaknesses

Rank CHA -2 -1
Adventurer LUK 0 ±0