Home Characters Species Gnomes
Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Born STR 6 -2

-25% DMG from Magic


Choose 4 Skills


Species DEX 11 0
Gnome CON 8 -1
Genus INT 12 1 Weaknesses
Liber WIS 12 1

Take +50% DMG from Physical Attacks

Rank CHA 11 0
Adventurer LUK 1 ±1

Gnomes are small humanoids standing 3–3.5 feet (91–107 cm) tall. They have mostly the same morphology as humans in terms of skin and hair color. Their average lifespan is 100 years.

Artificers and craftsmen, gnomes are a hardy people that often make their living as tradesmen. Gnome couples tend to give birth to one to two children in their lifetime, which makes their population unusually low. They place the utmost value on family and are fiercely loyal to their kin. With the passing of the Light, any devices that did not rely on electricity became in high demand overnight, and to this day the skill of gnomes with practical craftsmanship makes them valued members of any community.

One of the oldest races on Esterin, ancient gnome civilization was a wonder of technology. Although their number was small compared to other civilizations, they made up for it with weapons and armor that were unrivaled in effectiveness. Made with alloys crafted with secretive industrial methods, gnome equipment allowed their fierce armies to hold back assaults from hosts with thrice as many men.

Unfortunately gnome civilization fell into ruin slowly after the Light vanished, their large dependence on mechanical industry leaving them without a means to resupply their armies. Over the centuries they've had to reverse engineer their own ancient methods of crafting used before their industrial revolution, and nowadays they're a scarce people that focus on practicality and the use of raw materials. Nevertheless, ancient gnome equipment is still found occasionally in ruins of their ancient civilization. These pieces are often sold for an exorbitant amount to collectors, and some that are found in shockingly good condition can even be used in combat still.