Home Characters Species Humans
Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Born STR 10 0



Choose 4 Skills


Species DEX 10 0
Human CON 9 -1
Genus INT 10 0 Weaknesses
Hominadae WIS 10 0


Rank CHA 11 0
Adventurer LUK 0 ±0

Unlike other races, humans have not been significantly affected by the disappearance of Surna. Their lifespans are short, so the generation that remembered the Light is long since dead; their descendants adapted to their new world. Humans are members of all parts of society and in all professions. They are adaptable, tenacious and, most importantly, hopeful. Humans can possess a moderate level of mana ability, which can be enhanced through study. Humans, we all know and love them. One of the shorter-lived bipeds of Esterin (~100 year life spans), humans are a huge portion of the remaining intelligent creatures in the world. Human traits and skills are entirely reliant on their family, socioeconomic status, and mana ability.