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Hybrids between viable species are typically uncommon or rare. The following are the requirements for making a hybrid character:

The 2 species you wish to use are available to your rank (you cannot make a hybrid of a Veteran species if you are an Adventurer, for example).

Named Hybrid Types


Faer are those with a grandparent or earlier fey ancestor. Unlike their fey ancestors, however, are not revered in general society. They are treated much the same as other mortals, and live, work, and co-mingle with other species without issue. Like wyrms, faer have developed their own subcultures derived from their ancestral species. Many work in magic-fueled industries, while others take to perform with their enhanced magical abilities. Faer do not possess wings that are flight-capable. They can summon magic wings, but they cannot be used for anything other than ornamentation. However, like fey, faer produce nectar and pixie dust.


Tieflings are half-demon and half something else. They are not able to disguise themselves and, depending on their other half, can either have non existent or extremely low magic proficiency. Tieflings are growing to be more common amongst non-Lyerian populations as demons commingled with other species.

Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Born STR 1/2 of Sum of Parents 0

Choose the resistance(s) of one parent


Choose 4 Skills


Species DEX 1/2 of Sum of Parents 0
Hybrid CON 1/2 of Sum of Parents 0
Genus INT 1/2 of Sum of Parents 0 Weaknesses
Hybrid WIS 1/2 of Sum of Parents 0

Choose the weakness(es) of one parent

Rank CHA 1/2 of Sum of Parents 0
Veteran LUK 1/2 of Sum of Parents ±1/2 of Sum of Parents

Example of how to calculate a Hybrid's stats:

Please note, as seen from the example below, hybrid stats round down.

ORC 12 8 12 10 10 8
ELF 9 11 9 10 10 11
HIDDEN MATH 21 / 2 19 / 2 21 / 2 20 / 2 20 / 2 19 / 2
TOTAL 10 9 10 10 10 9