Home Characters Species Jelwari
Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Born STR 10 0



Choose 4 Skills


Species DEX 10 0
Jelwa CON 10 0
Genus INT 10 0 Weaknesses
Hominadae WIS 10 0

Take +50% DMG to Dark (element) magic.

Rank CHA 12 1
Adventurer LUK 0 ±0

Jelwari are known to be physically ageless beauties who are highly social and physically active. Typically their skin ranges from a gentle olive tone to a darker shade of brown, while all are born with a golden dot upon their brow that faintly glows in the presence of a mana source.

Before Surna’s disappearance they were known to be some of the best organic craftsmen, merchants, and performers Esterin had to offer. During the Golden Age it was not uncommon to find a family of Jelwa travelling in an attempt to entice more people to interact and trade with their city while sharing their culture. This was how they preferred to ally and connect with other civilizations without relying excessively on technology.

Their culture and traditions are heavily based around preservation and using the natural energies around them which is why most Jelwa align themselves with Michara or Elseldir. However, there were species that thought this to be a weakness which lead to multiple aggressive attempts to change the Jelwari ways only for the attackers to realize that behind the soft allure, blinding smiles, and fluttering feet of the average citizen resided fierce eyes and resilient minds from those willing to die to uphold the peace within their borders.

These battles resulted in the creation of the Vägev worship of Aasira, and ignited the spark of agreement for a tribal monarchy between the clans midway through the golden age.

After Surna’s disappearance and the beginning of the war against darkness, many of their numbers decimated and they found themselves unable to keep in touch with their greatest allies - the Asrai and Elves. Instead they cooperated with Glisari that roamed outside their borders seeking refugee. It was thanks to them that they were able to shelter themselves from the old ones and hide from view so adeptly that the realm believed them to have been extinct, until they reemerged 201 years later.

Remaining Major Clans

Eonichi: Known as a major house of warriors who have reigned as the royals of Jarden for the longest. Those related to this line initially take on a variant of the name ‘Malachi’ as their surname unless born, or adopted, by a person who holds a monarch title or chieftaincy (varies between the generation based on preference).

  • There has never been a preference or favor over a male or female leader, in fact, more females have sat on the throne than men to date. Also, the right to the throne is not granted to the first born, but the child who proves most capable in the end.

Tajir: One of the larger merchant houses who specialize in trades. They were the first house to rule when the tribal monarchy was put into place but only lasted five centuries as they managed to send the city into a depression.

Jaron: The most well known house of performers. They proved to be efficient mediators but showed no interest in sitting upon the throne. They were the richer of the three houses until the Eonichi house rose to power and remained as such in the long run.