Imperial Demons

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Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Born STR 12 1

-50% DMG from Fire


Choose 4 Skills


Species DEX 12 1
Demon (Imperial) CON 12 1
Genus INT 10 0 Weaknesses
Daemonium WIS 10 0

Take +50% DMG from Ice

Rank CHA 12 1
Veteran LUK 0 ±0

These beings relish in chaos, bloodshed, and trickery. Like their vampire and werewolf cousins, Demons prospered for a time in the Dark. The absence of light increased their powers and thus great swathes of the Wild were converted to meet the Lyerian Empire’s demands.

The Dark began to push back, forcing demons to take refuge in Verdisol when the Lyerian Empire was consumed by the Rift Lands. Now returned, either through luck or fate, demons will not lose a second opportunity to make the world their own.

All demons, regardless of ancestry, home, or creed, recognize the Obsidian Throne of Lyeria as the royal demon line. Within Lyeria there are over 50 royal houses, some of which have strayed into the wilderness beyond the King's sight to plot nefarious deeds.

As demons do not believe in a central higher power, one is awarded Kingship (or Queenship, on rare occasions) by proving themselves in battle, both physical and through wit. A significant amount of subterfuge is employed among the houses to see that their son or daughter ascend to the Obsidian Throne.

Demons come in a wide variety of physical appearances. They have enhanced strength, speed, stamina and typically live to be around 300-400 years old on the mortal plane. Many have unique abilities that typically focus on possession, mind control, lower elemental use, and body manipulation. While some demons opt to morph their bodies to be beautiful and godlike others take inspiration from monstrosities.

Most demons, regardless of their wanted physical attributes, will have horns (either visible or removed) as well as a forked tongue.

These horns can be hidden using illusion magic. Having one's horns removed or shaven down will cause the demon to have less control of their mana subjecting them to more drawbacks when using spells.

As the name implies, a demon with ties to one of the royal houses within Lyeria. These demons will often be rich and well off with more book sense then practical experience or street smarts. This means that they will not have much real combat experience.

Younger members of these houses (typically those nowhere near their house's line of inheritance) are more likely to adventure outside of Lyeria.