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The Q’Thar are a species that do not originate from Esterin. These begins crash landed some 20,000 years ago on the planet during the Golden Age. At first confused at the advanced, and bountiful, resources of Esterin, they soon realized why such a planet existed outside of their star maps. Notably, the technology that the Q’Thar brought with me did not work on Esterin. Either because of the amount of mana in the air - which they identified to be a level 10 substance - or simply that the world developed on a different technological schema, they were left stranded. 

Q’Thar typically reside within Iron Fall, an area of the world that has been cut off since the Sun’s Fall. They are heavy technology users, and have adapted much of Esterin’s native manatek to fit their needs. They have yet to find a suitable substitute for their ship’s parts, and many have come to accept that Esterin will be their home. Younger members of the race, born within the last few decades, show very low mana ability. This has led the elders to grow concerned; as the effects of mana usage on Q’Thar physiology has yet to be discovered.


Q’Thar names follow their color. Example: Selene Q’in.

As an alien species, the Q’Thar arrived on Esterin with their own unique customs and ideas. There is a surprising level of control between the different types of Q’Thar, meaning that much of one’s life is planned out by the Yellows. This practice lessened as the Q’Thar settled on Esterin, but there is still very much a mind your elders mentality. 

If a Q’Thar manages to fall out of grace with the Yellows, such as doing something against the People, siding with enemies, or even so far as to fraternize, they can be expelled. Those that are expelled lose their gold ring and connection to Iron Fall, they are forced to wander among the general population of Esterin and receive no medical support. Typically, unless an exile finds a wealthy benefactor, many fall ill and die from simple things such as the common cold or hypomana.


Physiology for this alien species is unique. Their evolutionary path was from warm-blooded, poisonous snakes on their home planet. As such, the Q’Thar come in a variety of luminescent colors, the most common being blue, red, and yellow. These three colors used to indicate faction houses, but as the Q’Thar have remained on Esterin, those old guard ties have disappeared. These colors, however, do represent some unique characteristics.

All Q’Thar: All colors of Q’Thar are unable to use magic unless explicitly allowed by a GM. However, these beings can use manatek so long as they have a mana crystal. (Think of this as a battery to a flashlight.) Although their constitutions are tough, they are still heavily susceptible to disease and infection. It is possible for Q’Thar to interbreed with other species, but it is heavily frowned upon by Yellows, as it is seen as mixing their noble heritage with the locals. Some male Q’Thar do have a double penis, but this is a rare trait and is considered more an anomaly then standard. Hair and eye color can vary between the different sub-types, curly hair is rare.


Blue Q’Thar, scientists. The most humanoid of all the colors, this faction is relatively small and few in numbers. Blue Q’Thar have two sets of retractable fangs, one that has a strong venom capable of paralyzing someone up to 300lbs, while the other a potent aphrodisiac. Blue Q’Thar have scales that trail from their atlas bone to sacrum. Notably Blues are always bipedal.

Attribute Bonus
Type STR 0
Born DEX 1
Genus CON 0
Xeno INT 2
Rank WIS 0
Veteran CHA 0


Red Q’Thar, warriors. The stalwart guards of Iron Fall, these warriors are often heavily muscled and shockingly dexterous. Intelligence is not their forte but they typically shoot first and ask questions later. They have scales all across their body and have sharp, poisonous teeth. If bitten, a victim will start to have an anaphylactic reaction unless a dose is administered. Reds can either mimic the bipedal Blues or more snake-like Yellows.

Attribute Bonus
Type STR 2
Born DEX 0
Genus CON 1
Xeno INT 0
Rank WIS 0
Veteran CHA 0


Yellow Q’Thar, prophets. Yellows are leaders and scions of tradition. The longest lived and most dispassionate of the colors, they look to return to the stars. Yellows have an entirely snake-like body and sometimes up to four arms. It is thought that they represent the ‘true’ form of the Q’Thar. Unlike Blues and Reds, they do not have a poisonous bite, but their incredibly strong tail allows them to crush any who might threaten them.

Attribute Bonus
Type STR 0
Born DEX 0
Genus CON 0
Xeno INT 0
Rank WIS 2
Veteran CHA 1

Important Equipment


Crafted in Srbavyr, every Q’thar that ventures outside of Iron Fall has a set of chitten armor. Chitten armor is in a scaled pattern that covers the wearer from head to toe. Additionally, it absorbs mana up to a certain point. Chitten can be upgraded through RP.

Basic Chitten:

  1. LVL 1: Roll a 1d8 for absorbtion.
  2. LVL 2: Roll a 2d8 for absorbtion.
  3. LVL 3: Roll a 3d8 for absorbtion. spells and above cannot be absorbed, but will instead only cause 50% more damage instead of the usual 100%. 
  4. LVL 4: Roll a 4d8  



Every Q’Thar has a gold necklace that indicates their statuses. Ranging from of-age to marry, occupation, as well as social standing. These used to be forged from a material native to their home planet, but this practice simply replaces it with a gold ring.