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Attribute Bonus
Type STR 2
Born DEX 0
Genus CON 2
Divinus INT 0
Rank WIS 0
Veteran CHA 0

An ancient race created to protect Michara’s wellsprings. They grew from massive beasts fighting for territory to a complex society of tribal warriors. Through battle with mortal races, Tvarians learned of their ability to pass on affliction. Those that were afflicted with the shifting curse were forced to shift into a beast form during the full moon. Taking pity on these creatures, Tvarians welcome those who they wronged in battle, as repentance for their deeds. As the ages passed and the times changed the Tvarians that were left in the world spread out into the cities and races. 

When Twilight fell, Tvarians found a new species - that of the Beastkin - to be curious and similar to their own. Unlike Tvarians, however, Beastkin were stuck in a half-shifted form. Viewing these beings as their unintentional descendents, many Tvarians will allow Beastkin into their Tribe to swell their Tribe’s numbers and pass down ancient knowledge.

Given their divine progenitor, Tvarians have an inherent hatred to En’yre. If the two species ever encounter one another, they will fight to the death. This can be assuaged with the presence of a fey or faer.


Physical attributes between Tvarians vary as wide as the animal kingdom. They can be any manner of beast (both those of standard fantasy and approved beasts from the Bestiary). Notably, only predator type Tvarians can pass on affliction.

In their bestial form, Tvarians are typically 2-3x larger than the standard animal they mirror. Many also have magical properties or unique coloring that is not seen among normal animals.


There are many Tribes of Tvarians in the world. These tribes typically are loosely based on animal type (mammalian, reptilian, avian, etc). Players can submit tribes. Children/young of Tvarians are highly regarded and are often considered a Tribe’s treasure.

Tvarians follow a traditional pack hierarchy:

  • Alphas: the leader(s) of a Tribe. Alphas can be a single person or a breeding couple. Can be outed by a Beta in a trial by combat.
  • Betas: second in command. Betas can also be the breeding mates to Alphas.
  • Omegas: those who are not strong enough to be considered a Beta.These can can also be Afflicted created by an Alpha or Beta. Beastkin can become Omegas - up to Beta - in a Tribe.
  • Outcast: those who failed their challenge against an Alpha, someone who failed their duty to Michara, or committed a heinous crime against their Tribe.