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Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Born STR 11 0

-50% DMG from same element


Choose 4 Skills

Racial Trait: Heartstone

Species DEX 11 0
Wyrm CON 11 0
Genus INT 9 -1 Weaknesses
Elementum WIS 9 -1

Take +50% DMG from opposing element

Take +50% DMG if Heartstone is Damaged

Rank CHA 9 -1
Adventurer LUK 0 ±0

Dragonoids of the highest repute, these are the descendants, grandchildren and further, of the now nearly  extinct chromatic, metallic, and outerplanar dragons. Although their blood is mixed, if they possess even a drop of draconic heritage their draconic ancestor's traits will be visible. Many wyrms fail to thrive in childhood, as they require a significant amount of mana, more so than the young of other species. However, with the improvement of harvesting and stabilizing mana over the past few centuries, more and more are being born as well as surviving.

Beautiful creatures with dragonoid features. Many wyrms are on the taller side but can range from slender to heavily muscled builds. Every Wyrm, regardless of element, has an exposed crystal atop of where their humanoid heart should be. These crystals, called heartstones, fuel their inner element. If damaged beyond repair, the Wyrm will die. Wyrms are considered ageless. (Note: no player is allowed to make a Wyrm older than 160 due to the nature of the story.)

Expert mastery of a single element and spells. A Wyrm can assume any of the following elemental types: fire, water, air, earth, ice, lightning, stone, or crystal. Wyrms are considered dragonborn, so all have mana sense (to a varying degree of sensitivity) and can use a multitude of thematic elemental spells and abilities.

Although they are the descendants of dragons Wyrms do not have the ability to fly. But if they are born with wings they can learn to glide for short distances.