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Insectoids that live exclusively near Taunhill. Some of the younger generations have started to branch out into cities, but these bipeds are exceptionally rare. Xerik are considered the Guardians of Flame and Fortune- as within Taunhill is the last (supposed) Sacred Flame of Surna. Unfortunately, this valiant mission comes with significant sacrifice, as many Xerik give up their ability to wield higher level magic and fire to assure that the flame stays burning.

Xerik follow a tribal system, which has two main houses: the N’yi and the Sema. These clans have been at each other's throats for eons and when the Darkness descended, the tension only got worse. For now they manage the massive city-island of Taunhill with precarious tightrope politics.

Bipeds that closely resemble moth and insects. Every Xerik has wings and large, pronounced eyes and nose. Some have antenna, while others have four arms. Most are between four and six feet tall, and weigh between 70 to 140 lbs. Xerik can be incredibly androgynous.

Xerik are not mammals; they reproduce through egg laying. Most Xerik are born in clutches of 3-12 and grow over time in a soft-shell egg. When they reach what is the equivalent of being a toddler, they sprout forth. As Xerik age, their wings will molt multiple times.

All Xerik possess the ability to fly and have exceptional hearing. Many Xerik are near blind or have very poor eyesight. Males typically wear gems along their head, while females will place gems at their shoulder blades.

Xerik are opposed to the element fire in its entirety, which makes it hard for them to master upper level magics and spells.



Xerik from this clan have white to silver wings.

Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Born STR 10 0

-25% DMG from Dark Magic


Choose 4 Skills


Species DEX 12 1
Xerik (N'yi) CON 10 0
Genus INT 10 0 Weaknesses
Ferox WIS 10 0

+50% DMG Fire

Rank CHA 8 -1
Adventurer LUK 0 ±0


Xerik from this clan have golden wings.

Type Attribute Total Modifier Resistances Other
Born STR 10 0

-25% DMG from Dark Magic


Choose 4 Skills


Species DEX 10 0
Xerik (Sema) CON 10 0
Genus INT 12 1 Weaknesses
Ferox WIS 10 0

+50% DMG from Fire Magic

Rank CHA 8 -1
Adventurer LUK 0 ±0


Aside from the two major clans, Sema and N’yi, there are smaller, lesser clans with differing clan names, but are still affiliated with the main bloodline. Though, they may not have any relation, they still fall under the authority of one of these two clans. The two major bloodlines are considered to be royalty among Xerik, each having their own clan leader. Only one of these two families rule over Taunhill, making the clan leader the city’s Emperor/Empress. Typically, this is a male position. Women only come into power if there are no other male heirs.

These lesser family names portray a common aspect of those within that lesser clan (Ex: Antennas, Numerous Mandibles, Odd Colorings, Etc.). Despite having a different family name, each Xerik falls into one of the two royal bloodlines whether or not they themselves are royalty. The only Xerik who take the noble last name are the clan leader, their spouse, any children they have, close blood relations, and sometimes extended blood relations.


(Title + Clan Name + Given Name + Optional Suffix)
Example (The Emperor’s Full Name): Ch’f Sema n’n Psi’z’n [Chief See-ma nen Sigh-zen]

Xerik names typically derive of sounds that insects make. Their names lack a lot of vowel usage, if any at all, but non-Xerik pronunciation is common for them to mention (as seen in the example above). Female names usually contain softer sounds and male names are usually on the harsher side. When writing out or saying their names, it begins with their clan name then ends with their given name. Separating the two is the word n’n (nen). N’n means of or of the. For example, the Emperor’s name given in the example above would read as Emperor Psi’z’n of the Sema Clan. Though, these naming conventions are traditional, not every Xerik family abides by them.


  • Ch’f (Chief) - Used exclusively to refer to the Emperor of Taunhill. Lit. “Heavenly Sovereign”
  • Q’nn (Qunn) - Used to refer to the spouse of the Emperor. (Male/Female)
  • M’nn (Min) - Used to refer to a male of a royal bloodline.
  • L’nn (Lin) - Used to refer to a female of a royal bloodline.
  • Z’x (Zux) - Used to refer to a Xerik of a royal bloodline. (Genderless)


Example Lesser Clan Names: Ut’u, Gena, Icel, R’sus, An’ten, Ocelli, Ent, Fr’n, P’di, Ilum
Common Sounds Found in Xerik Names: ‘Bz (Buzz), ‘Clt (Clat), ‘Cht (Chat), ‘Crek (Creak), ‘Crok (Croak), ‘Crk (Crack), ‘Ftlr (Flutter), ‘Hss (Hiss), ‘Hmm (Hum), ‘Klk (Click), ‘Mr (Mur), ‘Rs (Ras), ‘Skr (Scree), ‘Snp (Snap), ‘Sqk (Squeak), ‘Swsh (Swish), ‘Tp (Tap), ‘Tk (Tick)


  • Ch’rp (Chirp) - Term of endearment for children.
  • Bl’p (Blep) - Term of endearment for loved ones.
  • K’x (Kex) - Title of respect added to one’s name.
  • S’r (Ser) - A more respectful version of K’x. It is used mainly to refer to people much higher in rank than oneself, toward one’s customers, and sometimes toward people one greatly admires.
  • Sh’ (Shi) - Used in formal writing, and sometimes in very formal speech, for referring to a person who is unfamiliar to the speaker, typically a person known through publications whom the speaker has never actually met.