Checklist for Getting Started

Beginner’s Standard Character Template (Guided)
Standard Character Template (Limited Guidance.)
Mobile Friendly Template (This does not provide any guidance.)

To make a copy do: File > Make A Copy.

You are required to be signed in to google. If you do not have a google account please use dropbox instead.

Standard Character Creation Sections:

  1. Attributes

  2. Brackets and Ranks

  3. Companions

  4. Luck

  5. Spell Creation

  6. Skills

  7. Wealth

  8. Species

Advanced Character Creation Sections:

  1. Crafting

  2. Advanced Spell Crafting

  3. Income

  4. Player Content

Character Creation Guidelines

All of the information you need to build your character is available on the main menu bar. Some sections are still under construction and will be announced in server when they have been released. Please send your questions to the Character Discussion channels or Lore Discussion.

There are five important things to consider with your character:

  1. Your character is a citizen of this world.

  2. Your character will develop as you roleplay.

  3. The endgame is the story, not your power level.

  4. Species have definitive weaknesses and strengths, build your character out accordingly.

  5. Be reasonable with spells, skills, and general aptitudes. Your character is not a god.