Companions and Familiars

Familiars, as the name entails, are creatures that have a particular attachment or bond with an adventurer. Some familiars are passed down a family line, others bred and trained, while still more are summoned. These creatures are a constant companion to adventurers and will always be present to assist with whatever endeavor the player is undertaking. If an adventurer dies their familiar can go rogue, die from grief, or return from whence they came.

Non-magical familiars

These familiars are typically beasts that have been domesticated by adventurers. Either by taming a wild creature, raising and training an infant creature, or purchasing one from a breeder. They are loyal to death and hate to be left behind. If your character has a non-magical familiar, they will always be quick behind.

Any beast can be tamed in the wild as well as traditional companions such as dogs, cats, and birds. These creatures are intelligent but do not possess sentience.

non magical familiar.jpg
magical familiar.jpg

Magical/Summoned Familiars

Unusual creatures that require a Mage (mana ability 3 or higher) for their owner or pact-maker. Some magical companions are passed down family lines, such as sprites in a family workshop. Still others, such as non-sentient elementals, can be summoned.

These creatures require a steady supply of mana and will abandon their pact if their owner/pact-maker tries to go against the familiar's alignment. Some magical companions have low-sentience and can have very rudimentary conversations.

How to apply for a familiar:

  • Include the familiar in your character's sheet

  • Name your familiar and provide creature art

Familiars can possess 1 unique ability, regardless if they are non-magical or magical