Crafting as a Skill

Crafting is considered an advanced roleplay technique. It is suggested that you are at least Exalted before attempting to craft.

You start with 1 free CP. For every 50 applied AP (across all ability trees), you generate one crafting point (CP).

Note: CP cannot be awarded in RP or by item boon.

Crafting Skill Tiers.JPG

Crafting Mechanic

Crafting Mechanics.JPG

In order to successfully craft something, you will do the following:

  1. Write the required numbered of crafting posts for the rank you are building at

  2. Pass the DC check

You may attempt to craft something at a certain level per day. Attempts per day (APD) is 24hours within your first post.

Crafting Tools

crafting tools wealth.JPG

In order to craft you need crafting supplies. The crafting supplies you have access to are associated with your wealth level. In order to craft higher tier items, you need to invest in crafting points as well as increase your wealth level.

Alchemy Specific Table

Special notes about alchemy:
➤ You cannot make a Luck bonus potion unless you are grandmaster.
➤ You cannot make a truth serum unless you are grandmaster.
➤ You can have special effects be anything from freeform compulsions (aphrodisiacs, hyperactivity, temporary transformations) to invisibility and night vision.

alchemy specific table.JPG

User Per Day for Alchemy Items

UPD Alchemy Items.JPG

You may carry as many items as you want as we do not have an inventory limit or ammo limit. However, you are limited to the amount you can use per day. Please note this is based on item rank not on item type. The following table shows this breakdown.


Bonus for Non-Alchemy Items

Non-Alchemy Bonus Items.JPG

All items crafted can have one bonus, unless a grandmaster is crafting them. A grandmaster may craft an item with 2 bonuses.


Performance Tiers (Artistry, Cooking, Music, Singing)

Performance Tiers.JPG