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Primary Attributes

2 / 2
Base AP Total
STR 0 0
DEX 0 0
CON 0 0
INT 0 0
WIS 0 0
CHA 0 0
DVO 0 0

Calculated Stats

10 0
10 0
10 0
Potency Alteration
1d8 ±1
Critical Duration
20/x2 4
AP Bonuses Boons
  • --
  • --

Related Stats

Stat Related
STR Potency, PAtk
DEX AC, RAtk, CritM
DVO Boons

AP Bonuses

For every 5 points you have in a stat, you'll receive the following relevant bonuses.

Stat Bonus
STR +5 Potency
DEX +50% Critical Multiplier
INT +1 AoE
WIS ±1 Alteration
CHA +1 Critical Range
DVO +1 Boon(s)

Skill Usage

Skill checks are performed by rolling 1d20 + the relevant stat.
(e.g. Climbing falls under Athletics. 1d20 + STR)

Stat Skills
STR Athletics, Brute Force
DEX Acrobatics, Disarm Trap, Thievery, Stealth
CON Endurance
INT Lore, Knowledge, Forgery
WIS Empathy, Insight, Medicine, Perception
CHA Deception, Intimidation, Negotiation


Character Attributes

  • Strength (STR) - Physical power and carrying capacity
  • Dexterity (DEX) - Agility, balance, coordination, and reflexes
  • Constitution (CON) - Endurance, stamina, and good health
  • Intelligence (INT) - Deductive reasoning, knowledge, memory, logic, and rationality
  • Wisdom (WIS) - Self-awareness, common sense, restraint, perception, and insight
  • Charisma (CHA) - Force of personality, persuasiveness, leadership, and style
  • Devotion (DVO) - Affinity with a particular deity

Calculated Stats

  • Hit Points (HP) - The amount of damage you can take before being killed, disabled or destroyed
  • Armor Class (AC) - Your ability to avoid/resist non-magical attacks
  • Spell Resistance (SR) - Your ability to resist offensive magic
  • Boons - Abilities granted to you by your devotion to your deity
  • Potency (PTC) - The effectiveness (dice pool) of your damage/healing
  • Physical Attack (PAtk) - Your bonus to hit with a melee weapon
  • Ranged Attack (RAtk) - Your bonus to hit with a ranged weapo
  • Magic Attack (MAtk) - Your bonus to succeed with a spell
  • Area of Effect (AoE) - The number of targets you can affect with an attack or spell.
  • Critical Multiplier (CritM) - The number you multiply your damage roll by to get your Critical Damage result
  • Critical Range (CritR) - During combat, the range of rolls on a d20 which may earn a Critical Threat. Critical Threats will always hit the target, regardless of AC/SR.
    • Critical Threats
      • True Strike: (Critical Threat + Atk) < target AC/SR.
        • Damage: Normal (Does not gain bonuses from Critical Multiplier Bonus).
      • Critical Hit: (Critical Threat + Atk) target AC/SR.
        • Damage: Major Potency Roll * Critical Multiplier + Minor Potency
      • Critical Burst: Critical Threat = 20
        • Damage: Major Potency Roll * (Critical Multiplier + 1) + Minor Potency

Other Attributes

  • Ability Points (AP) - The number of points available to increase your primary attributes.
  • Equipment Points (EP) - The number of points available for equipment bonuses. (Inventory)
  • Damage Reduction (DR) - The amount of damage you ignore per successful attack against you.
    • Successful attacks and True Strikes degrade the target's DR by 5 points (whether or not they deal damage).
    • Critical Hits degrade the target's DR by 10 points.
    • Critical Bursts degrade the target's DR equal to damage dealt.
    • DR is fully restored after a night of rest.
  • Alteration (Alt) - The strength of effects applied by your character. (Buffs/Debuffs/HoT/DoT)
  • Duration (Dur) - The maximum number of turns your effects persist.