Damage and Injury


Flesh wounds are any sort of wounds you get from normal combat and can be healed and reasonably forgotten about by the use conventional medicine or magical healing.


Any wound that requires more than a simple healing spell to heal completely, such as a deep cut in your arm that needs stitches, a severe burn of the third degree, or anything that may leave a scar.  These wounds are usually opened after suffering a critical strike or a significantly large amount of damage from a single blow.

These wounds can be healed with potions and magic fairly quickly but will still leave a lasting mark.  If they are treated via non-magical means, they will take significantly longer to heal completely. GM’s may tell you you have a severe wound and hand out debuffs accordingly.  


Self-explanatory.  If the GM finds it fitting, or perhaps if you suggest it yourself, a character may have an appendage rent from his or her body, never to be useful again.  (At least not by non-magical means). With the current state of medical technology available in the world, limbs cannot be reattached and retain functionality.  However, simple prosthetics and even some mechanical ones exist in the world if your character feels the need to replace their lost friend, however the latter option is extremely expensive and rare, GM help is required for such a quest.