Your characters may die. Your character may be caught unawares by a clever adversary, outnumbered, or simply outmatched in any combat situation which could result in their defeat.  Keep in mind, however, defeat does not necessarily mean death. While we like to keep things realistic and grim for the sake of keeping things interesting, we also understand that killing of your characters is not why you created them in the first place. GMs will not actively try to kill your characters for no good reason. If your character is to die, it is more than likely a contribution to a greater story-line or it just made good sense at the time.  

This does NOT mean, however, they you are immune to death otherwise. You can still lead your character in a series of stupid decisions that would result in their death. You will not be saved from diving head first into a pit of alligators to fetch your necklace.  

Once your character is dead, they are dead. However, this does not mean their soul is destroyed.  There exist a number of ways to preserve the person they once were, if a tad altered from the trauma they experienced in death. A passed soul can return to the world of the living as an Undead, A Construct, or a Soul Stitched. Higher level characters can also qualify for Noble Undead.


When a character is reduced to 0 hitpoints they are considered to have fallen unconscious.  They have taken too much damage for their body to handle at the moment, but they will eventually recover and their life will be preserved.  Unconscious characters remain so for five RP minutes before they begin to die. They can be woken via any healing, magical or otherwise, or a stabilizing spell.  So long as you have 1 hit point remaining, you are conscious, but keep in mind how having 1 hit point left of 47 may feel for your character.


Should your character not receive healing or stabilization from an ally within the first five minutes of unconsciousness, they will start to die.  Dying characters will begin to make saving throws in order for their bodies to stabilize themselves. You will roll a d20 and on a 10 you pass, anything below 10 is a fail.  You will do this as many as 5 times, once per turn in combat or back to back outside of combat. 3 passes and you stabilize and will no longer be in danger of dying, but will still need healing in order to regain consciousness. 3 failures and you will be dead.  


An enemy may decide to finish you off with a killing blow. A killing blow is a precise and deliberate strike that will kill an unconscious or dying character instantly regardless of how many saves they've already made. A killing blow can only be performed outside of combat.  The character delivering the killing blow must declare his intention in his post otherwise it will be treated like a normal attack and will do proper damage. You cannot perform a killing blow by accident.