Combat Sequence

TR has developed its own, unique, system for combat that aims to be as simple to understand and play a possible.  The combat system is separated into Physical and Magic combat, each with their own distinct systems for rolling and determining damage.  

Combat begins with a declaratory action that is either an attack, defensive reaction, or buff. It is important to note that HEALING does not cause a combat sequence, as it can be used outside of combat.

In a 2 person engagement, the sequence would start as follows:

  1. Person 1 Action (attack, defense, buff), which includes:

    Roll a 1d20 for your attack. A standard pass is DC10 for actions (both physical attacks and spells), unless your GM or some other factor states otherwise

    ➡ 10 or higher, standard action roll for damage or healing if applicable.

    ➡ 2 to 9, a weak attack. Roll 1 combat dice. Spell casts fail.

    ➡ 1, the attack misses.

  2. Person 2 takes damage and then reacts by either:

    Counter attacking



  3. The instance goes on until both parties agree or if 1 person flees.

It is important to note that defense is not inherently built into this system. Armor classes (which will be released later on), will provide a bonus to Resilience, thus increasing your HP. This is to keep the rolling sequence brief as well as to avoid a massive amount of statistics and requirement for economy.

Read more on the different attack types and associated mechanics below: