Tenebris Realm uses a gold standard for all currency. All coins are a type of metal, while those who are paying for larger purchases can use other items. Bartering is incredibly common, as is trading goods for services.

Currency is slated to a gold standard, outlined below. It is up to the player to track their earned money, which is done on your character sheet. You can read more about Wealth and Status here.

currency rating.JPG

The banking system in Tenebris Realm is called the Treasury. Members of the system are called Treasurers and are usually none to low magic individuals. Every individual is issued a key ranging from pewter, bronze, silver, iron, and gold depending on their importance within the group. A detailed explanation of each Treasurer is expanded on in the Jobs section. Each city has their own associated Vault. All coins are smithed using the same template with minor variations depending on the printing branch. Coins minted within Verdisol, for example, are outlined in green enamel.

More information on the Treasury can be found here.