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    General Guidelines

    Bounties, Events, and Quests (BEQ) are different methods that Tenebris Realm uses to engage players and other roleplayers in content.

    B - generally specific to an org, belief, group of people, etc

    E - large server-wide plots that have multiple inputs and can be larger/longer

    Q - initiation, individual character things, a specific requirement for certain people, a post minimum, a task that other players can build on

    BEQ are required to have the following:

    • A start time
    • End time
    • Host's local timezone
    • Requested Characters
    • Open Invitation Characters
    • A general description

    Time Commitments for all BEQ: typically BEQ should be completed in a reasonable amount of time. This could translate to sitting down for one session to roleplay for 1-3hours to complete a scene, or hold multiple sessions over a week to complete a long event. Quests are more open ended, but typically have ending times for when a player can pick up and complete the quest.


    Bounties can occur when 3+ people engage in a group RP, where one person is the definitive leader of the group. This person is the Bounty Issuer, those who sign up are Bounty Participants. This distinction is important, as Issuers need to engage their Participants.

    1. Who can issue a bounty? Anyone with an approved character!
    2. Why do a bounty? Bounties add to the fabric and experience of Tenebris Realm and the staff team wants to encourage player storylines that fit within the world lore. Hosting a bounty enables your character to receive rewards while engaging with ideas that you want to incorporate in the world. While we encourage you to explore your character’s storyline, keep in mind that the purpose of bounties is that they should be fun for everyone.
    3. What kind of rewards can I issue? Appropriate rewards can be found in the table further below.
    4. How can I advertise my bounty? When you are ready to advertise your bounty, you are allowed to tag the @Bounty tag in #bounties.

    How To Structure a Bounty

    When structuring your bounty, you need to consider three things:

    1. Participation: Which groups, factions, species, or wealth levels do you want to participate? Is this an open bounty for anyone to join?
    2. Storyline/Purpose: What is the main conflict of your bounty? A conflict can be; exploration, combat, character interaction, gambling, and even socialization.
    3. Time Commitment: Player bounties should typically be completed within 1-3 sessions. This roughly translates to 3-10hrs of roleplay.


    Events are story-driven role plays that involve the core characters of the staff team as well as significant player characters. Events allow for players to shape the outcome of significant stories as well as be able to interact with characters and people they have not had the opportunity to. Additionally, events can last for up to 10 weeks.

    1. Events will be limited to a certain number of slots based on the host's discretion.
    2. Don't RSVP to an event that you cannot reasonably attend. Don't force yourself or others to risk their health and real life responsibilities.
    3. If you sign up for events, please set aside the time to be present. The host has set aside time to create a scenario for you, please respect that.
    4. Interact with others involved in events; these are meant to introduce you to plot important characters you wouldn't meet otherwise.
    5. If you are not interacting with the scene, the host reserves the right to withhold rewards or remove you.
    6. You will not be able to attend all events offered and that is OK. However, this does not mean you start complaining about being 'left out' because certain events will require certain races, organizations, religions, or simply a first-come, first-served basis. There will always be more opportunities.


    Quests are specific, individual tasks given out to certain players, species, religions, affiliations, or ranks. Anyone can start a quest for someone else.

    Rewards - Structured RP

    Challenge Ratings

    Rewards for structured BEQs are primarily upon its difficulty, denoted by its Challenge Rating (CR).

    The numbers posted here are the maximum values you may award your participants. They represent what an engaged, contributing player should receive. You may scale the rewards back as you see fit.

    Note: Reputation rewards are capped at 1 per BEQ.

    CR Description
    1 Social. Presents negligible physical/mental danger, if any.
    2 Perilous. A significant threat of harm is present.
    3 Permission to Maim (PTM). Grievous and/or permanent injury may occur.
    4* Permission to Kill (PTK). Characters may perish as a result of their actions.
    5* Permission to Annihilate (PTA). Characters may no longer exist as a result of their actions.
    *Requires Staff Permission
    CR Prof. % EXP Sc Item EP
    1 0 1000 1250 0
    2 10 2000 2500 5
    3 15 4000 5000 10
    4 20 8000 10000 15
    5 30 16000 20000 20
    *EP cannot be awarded directly. This denotes the EP value of incidental loot per character.

    Rewards - Freeform RP

    Freeform EXP is also awarded to characters who participate outside of the conventional BEQ structure. Per post that meets the TR minimum and quality expectations, that character is awarded 100 EXP/Sc. It is up to you to track your reply count. If one of your posts gets starred in the RP Snaps section, you receive a bonus 500EXP/Sc. Reputation cannot be gained in this fashion.

    Note: NSFW posts do not grant rewards.