Challenge Rating and Balancing

Home Encounter Guide Challenge Rating and Balancing

Challenge Ratings

Rewards for structured BEQs are primarily upon its difficulty, denoted by its Challenge Rating (CR).

The numbers posted here are the maximum values you may award your participants. They represent what an engaged, contributing player should receive. You may scale the rewards back as you see fit.

Note: Reputation rewards are capped at 1 per BEQ.

CR Description
1 Social. Presents negligible physical/mental danger, if any.
2 Perilous. A significant threat of harm is present.
3 Permission to Maim (PTM). Grievous and/or permanent injury may occur.
4* Permission to Kill (PTK). Characters may perish as a result of their actions.
5* Permission to Annihilate (PTA). Characters may no longer exist as a result of their actions.
*Requires Staff Permission
CR Prof. % EXP Sc Item EP
1 0 1000 1250 0
2 10 2000 2500 5
3 15 4000 5000 10
4 20 8000 10000 15
5 30 16000 20000 20
*EP cannot be awarded directly. This denotes the EP value of incidental loot per character.