Divine Gambit

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The Divine Gambit is an affiliation meta scoreboard.

A curious tally is kept every few months. The citizens of the world feel a tingle down their spine, and a realization that their deeds are counted and tallied for the god's and others to view. With the New Dawn, the Nexus Throne is now a viable option for a Divine Being to take. Show devotion to a religion or organization by seeing your character's beliefs take precedent.


  • Members of an affiliation must offer a BEQ to count towards the Gambit.
  • The affiliation that wins is reward 1 AP for all members (regardless if they participated in BEQs or not).
  • If an affiliation wins multiple seasons in a row the Eternal Balance might correct the outcome.
  • Other rewards or demerits will be announced at the end of each Divine Gambit season.
  • To counter a BEQ for the Divine Gambit announce the conclusion of your event with [DG S*] (* season number) in the in-character knowledge channel associated with your affiliation.

Divine Gambit Calendar

A Gambit tally is taken at the end of every 3rd month.

  • January through March [DG S1]
  • April through June [DG S2]
  • July through September [DG S3]
  • October through December [DG S4]